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New Tech Toys and Gifts!
Check out some new tech toys on the market... (read the story...)

Can Learning Make You Stupid?
Be careful not to confuse electronic learning with the real stuff. (read the story...)

Tech Toys and Gifts
Check out technology's new gadgets and toys! (read the story...)

Top 10 Toys of the Year: Editor's Picks
See what children's toys made the Top 10 for this holiday season! (read the story...)

Reliant on Technology
We used to get ready for car trips by packing snack bags of Cheerios and raisins, and by bringing along lots of board books and stuffed animals. Now we rush around charging various appliances and looking for the E-Z Pass. (read the story...)

Identity Theft: Kids at Risk
Identity theft is damaging to all its victims, yet when a child is the casualty, it can be especially devastating. Unfortunately, children are powerless to protect themselves — so they must rely on their parents’ watchful eyes and much-needed legislation to help them. (read the story...)

Confessions, from a Partially Rotted Brain
Growing up, I was oblivious to my television addiction. (read the story...)

Kid Ergonomics
When you're fit, you’re more productive. That’s true for children as well. Too-heavy backpacks and bad computer posture can cause physical imbalances which can, in turn, affect learning. (read the story...)

New Center to Lead Asperger Research
New York City will soon lead the way in the research and treatment of Asperger Syndrome, thanks to a donation recently bestowed on the NYU Child Study Center. (read the story...)

Selling Wireless “Love”
Cell phones are a growing trend among the ‘tween set, as manufacturers have figured out how to tap into this gold mine demographic. (read the story...)

Under one roof
The Continuum Center for Reproductive Health at Roosevelt Hospital just expanded with a state-of-the-art InVitro Fertilization Lab. (read the story...)

Designing A Life Online
If you think that Internet blogging is just for the younger generation, take a look at “designmom” — a blog begun by Tuckahoe mom of five, Gabrielle Blair. (read the story...)

Protect Those Precious Holiday Photos
Could you really be at risk of having your digital pictures zapped and gone forever? (read the story...)

ID Theft, via your computer
Put a security plan into action! (read the story...)

Beware Hot Spot Hackers!
We love wireless technology! From catching up with work in airport lounges, to chilling out with a laptop in Bryant Park. (read the story...)

Health & Technology Computer Ergonomics — important for kids, too!
With increased computer (and video game) usage, children who spend many hours in front of the screen are prone to the same postural problems as adults. (read the story...)

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands: Kids, hand-helds, and pornography
Parents need to be aware that with the advent of video iPods, portable game players and Internet-ready cell phones comes the danger of mobile pornography. (read the story...)

Technology: Westchester Moms, Staying Connected
In this age of email, instant messaging, chat rooms and blogs, it’s easy to imagine that human connections are all about typing on a keyboard. Not so for a number of moms in Westchester who are using technology to connect with other moms through a website called Meetups.com. (read the story...)

Computer Literacy:
Let’s face it: Our children need computer skills to succeed in life. Starting to use the computer at a young age can be very positive. However, as with all technology — from television, to DVD watching, to video games — a healthy dose of parental involvement and supervision is critical. (read the story...)

President of the (Ratings) Board
According to statistics compiled by the Washington D.C.-based Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the average age of computer and video game players is 30 years old. Which means that many of the games on the market are geared toward adults — and a portion of those include content that is inappropriate for children. Smack in the middle of the holiday gift-buying season, with our kids — many game-savvier that we are — clamoring for the newest and hottest options out there, how can we be sure what we’re buying is suitable and safe? (read the story...)

Attack of the Adware!
In science fiction movies, even the littlest child knows you shouldn’t open the door to a stranger — especially if someone is promising candy and toys. On the computer, it’s another story. Kids regularly succumb to the lure of free music, software, and other downloadable goodies. In the process, they open the door to adware, an Internet version of alien invaders. (read the story...)

Should Kids Have Cell Phones?
Do cell phones make kids safer — or more vulnerable? Most parents get kids phones because they seem like a way to keep children safe and connected. After all, with a cell phone, your child can contact you whenever he needs you. Also, you should be able to reach your child (assuming, of course, that she hasn’t lost the cell phone, buried it in a backpack, lent it to a friend, forgotten to turn the ringer on, or decided to ignore it when it turns out to be "just you"). (read the story...)

Pirates of the 21st Century – Teaching Kids about Cyberethics
Could your child be a pirate? No, not a one-eyed swashbuckler stealing gold and jewels, but one who copies or downloads copyrighted materials — including software, music and games — without paying for them? (read the story...)

No one really bothers calling television the "boob tube" or "idiot box" anymore, especially with video games to kick around. As one media option of many, TV no longer seems to take all the lumps. Seems is the telling word. The definition of television has changed in some circles. (read the story...)

Email Egos:Would You Recognize Your Online Kid?
Emailers of all ages may take on different personae when communicating online. So what do parents need to know about their kids' online personalities? (read the story...)

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