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THE REFORMED PROM - Is The Party Over? Drinking, excessive cost, and social exclusivity spur new guidelines for Prom 2003
High school prom procedures are undergoing reviews and revisions across the county, as districts try to gain some control over the alcohol consumption, cost and social exclusivity commonly associated with the event. (read the story...)

RE-THINKING TEAM SPORTS: Keeping Teens in the Game with a New Approach
A mother in a Larchmont sports store that caters to local young athletes’ popular team sports needed new equipment for her three children, ages 7 to 10, and suddenly felt overwhelmed. “When does all this stop?” she asked the manager, expecting his sympathy. To her surprise, he replied: “Age 12.” (read the story...)

Parents are the Problem
This month Westchester Parent takes a look at some of the most effective strategies local communities and parents are using to combat underage drinking. At any of the community forums where teen drinking is the topic, it is often mentioned that the parents who are not in attendance are part of the problem. It may be that they are not there because they do not view underage drinking in the same light as others at the meeting. (read the story...)

Are Parents in the Dark About Children’s Sexual Activity?
A baby is born, and invariably the first question focuses on its gender. (read the story...)

COED SLEEPOVERS:The experts weigh in
The next time your teenagers tell you their friends are all sleeping over at someone's house, ask who they mean by "friends”. You may be surprised to learn that both boys and girls are included. Single gender overnights do still take place, but coed sleepovers have become a part of today's teen culture. (read the story...)

The ‘Morgenstern Girls’ Turn Teen Angst “Inside Out”And tidy up a few rooms in the process
Adolescence is a significant transitional period in human development, exciting and confusing at once. Unfortunately it has unfairly earned, like the "terrible twos", an infamous reputation. Teens often struggle to establish a sense of identity, and sometimes exhibit a variety of behaviors that can be perplexing not only to the adults in their lives, but also to themselves. (read the story...)

The New Bullies on the Block — Girls!
Each day, thousands of adolescents go to school with a feeling of dread and a knot in the pits of their stomachs. This anxiety has nothing to do with schoolwork or teachers. The pain these kids suffer is inflicted by their peers, some of whom they may consider among their closest friends. (read the story...)

Mono — not just a “teen disease”
When she was 16 years old, Stephanie Williams started feeling unusually tired and achy. A couple of weeks later, she developed a very sore throat. Because her mother knew that mononucleosis was making the rounds at the high school, she decided it was time for Stephanie to see the doctor. (read the story...)

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