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Stuff We Like: Cool Back-to-School Products for Kids - October 2010
Check out these noteworthy back-to-school products for kids that we just couldn't keep to ourselves! (read the story...)

How to Maintain Your Marriage While Caring for a Child with Special Needs
One mom opens up about how she keeps her relationship with her husband healthy and stable while caring for an autistic child. (read the story...)

Stuff We Like: Cool Products for Kids and Moms - September 2010
Check out some noteworthy products on our radar for children and families, including a precious necklace loved by celebrity moms like Katherine Heigl and Tori Spelling; a smart vacuum for a clean and allergy-free home; and a bath collection that will make mom feel like she's on a spa vacation. (read the story...)

Confessions of an Ex-City Mommy
One former Manhattan mom talks about her surprisingly enjoyable adjustment to life in the suburbs. (read the story...)

Stuff We Like: Cool Products for Kids and Moms - July 2010
Check out some noteworthy products on our radar for children and families, including the best beach blanket, a safer tub for newborn baths, and the Nap Nanny, a baby recliner created by Comcast SportsNet reporter Leslie Gudel. (read the story...)

The Best Bags for Moms
To help you navigate your kid-filled summer with ease, organization, and style, we present the best new bags for busy moms. (read the story...)

Kids Theater: ImaginOcean: So Much Fun in the Sea
Imaginocean, the Off-Broadway play for tots and families directed by John Tartaglia, submerges audiences in a whimsical world of saltwater and seaweed, where they'll learn the importance of friendship. (read the story...)

Stuff We Like: Cool Products for Kids and Moms
Check out our editor's picks on the best products out there for kids of all ages and stages - and their parents, too! (read the story...)

Hometown Hero with a Heart: Brooklyn’s Louie Miranda
There’s an oddly memorable feeling most folks have who were born and bred in Brooklyn; it’s an ingrained love for the borough and its people . . . and we never quite lose that cherished part of us, the part that grew up sitting on stoops on sweltering summer nights and riding bicycles up and down the paved streets with the neighborhood kids. (read the story...)

Father's Day: What Some Dads Really Want...
We polled our dads here at Davler Media for their ideas of what makes a great Father’s Day. As it turns out, the perfect gift for Dad may be easier than you think. (read the story...)

Writer's Guidelines
(read the story...)

Lessons in Lunch
Making school lunch for my three kids was always the biggest drudge of my week. Then about three years ago, it occurred to us that at 7, 9 and 11 years old, our children were capable of making their own lunches. We were free! (read the story...)

It’s Not Just A Girl Thing
As a fully grown tomboy, I have long considered myself lucky to have sons instead of daughters, knowing I possess neither the patience nor the understanding to help navigate the minefield that is the life of today’s girl. (read the story...)

Breezing through Puerto Plata
On a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, we signed up for an ATV tour and the guide said my teens, 14 and 16, could drive. They learned basic hand signals and in no time were barreling through mud puddles and across the beach. The ATV tour was the highlight of our week in Puerto Plata, since it also took us into the lush countryside that dominates this part of the country. (read the story...)

Notes From A Backseat Driver
From toddlers to teens there is something about a car ride that is conducive to intimate conversation. (read the story...)

Learnable Moments
I grew up and realized that I wasn't always right just because I was an adult. The fact that I still struggle with, though, is that being wrong isn't a bad thing: It's a human thing. But I don't want my kids to struggle with it. So I have vowed to handle things differently with my children. (read the story...)

Can Learning Make You Stupid?
Be careful not to confuse electronic learning with the real stuff. (read the story...)

Summing Up
11 of the 20 finalists were girls, with girls outnumbering boys for the first time as finalists. Coincidentally, K’Nex, the toy construction system, announced the winners of its building competition. All 10 finalists were boys. Despite the heartening Siemens Competition result, I don’t know why it’s so difficult to interest girls in math and science. (read the story...)

Junior’s Cup O’ Joe
When I look at the growing trend of teens and pre-teens packing Starbucks coffee shops after school and grabbing caffeine-filled “energy drinks” to help them through the day, I shudder to think how this is impacting their growing brains. (read the story...)

Getting Satisfaction
Ah, the ignorance of youth. I remember, when I was in my twenties, wanting to be in my thirties so that I would have things all figured out... (read the story...)

A Time for a Great Cause
If A Time for Children were just a new kids’ store, a writer would describe the enticing mix of items for babies, kids and moms. But owner Margie Stern has done something so extraordinary, no amount of hyperbole is sufficient. (read the story...)

Little Gifts
This is the time when most adults are thinking about the upcoming holidays, and I, for one, start brooding over all the things I have to do in preparation. How often do you feel, no matter how much you accomplish, that you wish you had time to do more? (read the story...)

Not Led by the Lead
One parent's thoughts on the lead in toys.... (read the story...)

Playing the Game
A game would be a great way for my niece’s family to spend their “down time” together, I thought, and it would free me from all that commercial nonsense and brand deciphering. A win-win situation! Boy (or girl?), was I wrong. (read the story...)

Their House, Your House
To be honest, I had never heard of the Long Island Children’s Museum (LICM) before I was asked to review its new exhibit, Your House, My House. But with winter on its way, I have now added this treasure trove of kids’ activities to my list of great indoor things to do. (read the story...)

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Hawthorne, NY
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