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BUILDING A FRIENDSHIP BRIDGE Staying Friends When Parenting Styles Differ
No one perfect style Whether it's discipline or diet, or how much and what kind of TV your children may watch, we can butt heads with friends and strangers alike. Breast or bottle, "Ferberizing" or the family bed: whichever decision we make, someone isn't going to agree. (read the story...)

Helping Children Find When They Search
The good news: the answer to every question your child will ever ask is available on the World Wide Web. The bad news: it may take hours or even days to locate it. (read the story...)

Dental Sealants: a primer for parents
What are dental sealants and when and where are they applied? (read the story...)

A Queens Childhood Remembered:Bestselling author teaches “the importance of friendship”
After 20 years teaching children to read in the classroom, it’s reasonable to expect an educator might try her hand at children’s books. Patricia Reilly Giff goes one step further. The bestselling author and Newbury Honor recipient says her passion lies in reaching out to young readers. (read the story...)

Two Steps Forward for Preemie Blindness
Doctors are exploring two promising new ways to save premature babies’ eyesight: giving babies an important hormone in eye growth, and maintaining lower but consistent oxygen levels. (read the story...)

Are Parents in the Dark About Children’s Sexual Activity?
A baby is born, and invariably the first question focuses on its gender. (read the story...)

Every Day’s a Miracle for Long Island Mom
Donna Bliss didn’t plan on being a stay-at-home mom running a business from her basement. But sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. Bliss was working at what she calls her “dream job”, in the marketing department at a large computer software company on Long Island. She had just given birth to a healthy baby girl after years of fertility treatments and three miscarriages. Things seemed to be going her way. Then she lost her job. (read the story...)

COED SLEEPOVERS:The experts weigh in
The next time your teenagers tell you their friends are all sleeping over at someone's house, ask who they mean by "friends”. You may be surprised to learn that both boys and girls are included. Single gender overnights do still take place, but coed sleepovers have become a part of today's teen culture. (read the story...)

Breastfeeding and the Workplace: NY Laws Rounding the Curve
Four years ago, Laurie Fett, a vice president at the midtown Manhattan office of the cable network, Showtime, was in Ray Gutierrez’s office when the telephone rang. His executive assistant, Elaine Reda, took the call. It was from an employee who had recently returned to work after giving birth, and she wanted permission from Gutierrez, executive vice president of human resources, to use the handicapped bathroom so she could express milk. “Elaine and I said we couldn’t have her pumping on the toilet bowl. The boss said, ‘What do you need?’ Within days we had a room,” says Fett. (read the story...)

Tonsils: Should you have them out?
I thought that people didn’t get their tonsils out any more? I heard this frequently once we scheduled our son’s tonsillectomy. I told people that it still happens. About 500,000 tonsillectomy procedures are performed each year, “making it a pretty common operation — if not the most common operation that children undergo,” says Joseph Bernstein, M.D., director of pediatric otolaryngology at the New York University School of Medicine. (read the story...)

Health Hazards on the School BusNew Report Shows Children Exposed to Dangerous Toxins Daily
Last September, around the same time school bells across the nation began to ring in a new academic year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a 10-year health assessment of diesel exhaust. Its findings? Diesel emissions contain toxic gases and minute particles that are easily inhaled deep into the lungs, especially small lungs. Children who ride buses to school are exposed to these toxins daily, placing them at higher risk of lung cancer, asthma and other respiratory ailments, the study found. (read the story...)

Council Committees Vie to Impact Quality of Life Issues for Queens Kids
Editor’s Note: Early this year, the city's term limits legislation resulted in the replacement of 38 out of 51 members of the City Council, including all 14 members of the Queens delegation. The Queens Council delegation, all freshmen, was made the most powerful borough delegation in the city's legislature when new Council Speaker Gifford Miller named all 14 to leadership positions. This article is part of a series examining how Queens Council members plan to use their positions of power to benefit children and families. (read the story...)

EATING OUT IN THE CITY - New York's Theme Restaurants
As you head into New York City this holiday season to see the tree or catch a show, you may want to add one of the city's theme restaurants to your itinerary. From alien landscapes to old-fashioned diners to sports memorabilia galore, New York has some great theme restaurants that can please just about any youngster. Here are some: (read the story...)

Surviving the Holiday Merry-Go-Round
Last year, I could barely wait for January 2 to roll around. After two months of frenzied baking, shopping and decorating, it was such a relief to finally be able to relax and catch my breath. I love the holidays, but like most mothers, I sometimes get caught up in my own expectations of how things should be and in the process manage to become exhausted, cranky and exactly the opposite of how I want to be. (read the story...)

Two bills pending in NYC:Moms need lobbying support
When the Million Mom March was founded in 1999, the national grassroots organization was focused on a Mother�fs Day march the following year. The Washington, D.C., march attracted more than 750,000 people,peaceably demonstrating for stronger gun laws. More than that, it galvanized a movement that continues today, a group that has since merged with the Brady Campaign and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. (read the story...)

The ‘Morgenstern Girls’ Turn Teen Angst “Inside Out”And tidy up a few rooms in the process
Adolescence is a significant transitional period in human development, exciting and confusing at once. Unfortunately it has unfairly earned, like the "terrible twos", an infamous reputation. Teens often struggle to establish a sense of identity, and sometimes exhibit a variety of behaviors that can be perplexing not only to the adults in their lives, but also to themselves. (read the story...)

ATTACHMENT PARENTING: Right for some, not for others
Ten years ago, few parents had heard the term Attachment Parenting. Today, it is gaining attention and attracting growing numbers of proponents, but with this rising awareness is increased controversy about some of its policies. (read the story...)

Beading ‘Round the Clock … and Her Family
The message on the answering machine is your first clue that beadz isn’t an ordinary store. (read the story...)

MISSING KIDS: The number is down — but keeping your guard up is essential, experts stress
It's not uncommon for a pair of similar news stories to touch off a frenzy of reporting, giving the public the unnerving feeling of an epidemic in progress. (read the story...)

Alarming bicycle thieves
According to recent statistics, there are over 1.5 million bicycle thefts in the U.S. each year. As high as it is, the number isn't really surprising, given the fact that a bicycle is a pretty easy thing to steal. (read the story...)

The OWN school opens at last in Astoria
Walking into the newly refurbished building that is now Our World Neighborhood Charter School (OWN), a parent must intuitively sense that any of their students are embarking on a special journey. (read the story...)

It Can Still Be A Dog’s Life …
New studies suggest that pet ownership may actually protect against allergies and asthma (read the story...)

Celebrate with us as we honorFIVE HEROES OF WESTCHESTER
This year, in honor of our second anniversary, Westchester Parent is proud to salute five people whose contributions to our community have been exceptional and inspiring. (read the story...)

Dating Again: Where Do the Kids Fit In?
The excitement of developing new relationships with men was somehow dampened by the sense that I was a parent burdened with astronomical responsibilities — and that I was 10 times more cynical than I had been 15 years prior! Nevertheless, dating and socializing were important ingredients on my journey of post-divorce personal growth. But once I eased back into the dating scene, I realized there were many questions about how to integrate this part of my life with the parental role that dominated my existence. (read the story...)

Mono — not just a “teen disease”
When she was 16 years old, Stephanie Williams started feeling unusually tired and achy. A couple of weeks later, she developed a very sore throat. Because her mother knew that mononucleosis was making the rounds at the high school, she decided it was time for Stephanie to see the doctor. (read the story...)

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