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The symbol of hands
The human hand is a symbol for many things, not the least of which are unity and support. You're On! Inc., a Fort Worth-based company, understands the importance of such symbolism to today's world, and has recently announced the release of the first four in a new line of child-friendly toys called People Holding Hands. (read the story...)

Windy, wonderful city for kids: Chicago
Some families take trips to explore local history, some to play on a beach, some to pursue a sport. While my family has done all three, we have also traveled to see dolls. Not just any dolls, but American Girl dolls, whose personal Mecca is the American Girl Place in Chicago, Ill. (read the story...)

News from the American Academy of Pediatrics:
Tics are more common in children than previously thought. (read the story...)

Temper Tantrums — Mine
I never thought I had a temper. I never even really ever got angry. I didn’t have these explosive emotions at all until I had kids. For the most part, I was an even tempered, low stress, laid-back kind of person. Right out of college, I even remember trying to fake anger in the classroom full of 8th graders to get their attention and regain control. (read the story...)

Live, on stage! The Tradition of TADA!
New York is show biz, and kids with an interest in working in the theater couldn't possibly ask to live in a more appropriate place. The big marquees are back on 42nd Street just the way they used to be; Times Square is as glaringly exhibitionistic as it's ever been; and despite the economic bump on the head delivered by September 11, live theater is still the mainstay of the city's creative life — from the Winter Garden, to the tiniest theaters in the East Village, to Shakespeare in the Park. (read the story...)

Georgia’s Treasured “Golden Isles”
Georgia’s meandering coastline is bejeweled with barrier islands that beg to be explored. Four fascinating ones congregate amid the salt marshes, tidal rivers and sounds near Brunswick. Known as the Golden Isles, St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island are semitropical microcosms, lush with perennially green flora, fringed with golden sand beaches, and steeped in southern history. Although separated solely by short stretches of sea, each Golden Isle is unique… (read the story...)

Coasting Through the Carolinas
From the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, the coastal region of the Carolinas appeals to a variety of family interests. The beaches and the salt-water fishing are justifiably famous, as are the golf and tennis resorts. Even if none of these activities appeal to you, there’s still much to see and do. Furthermore, the climate is appealing for fall and winter vacations: daytime highs in the 60s through November and mid-winter days no colder than the 50s are the rule. (read the story...)

Picture Book Perfect! : The Berkshires
Fall in the Berkshires is known as ‘leaf peeping time’, when tourists tie up local roads for miles, looking at the changing leaves. The Springfield/Berkshire region of Massachusetts, “Pioneer Valley”, is betting on families searching for “one nice green leaf” to make a trek to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art (read the story...)

Should Your Child Wear Computer Glasses?
If your kids spend hours in front of a computer screen, they could be at risk of developing vision problems. A study presented at Vision Expo East found that as many as 30 percent of kids who use computers at home or at school are causing undue stress on their visual systems and may need computer eyewear. Researchers also found a strong correlation between children who work many hours at a computer and premature nearsightedness. (read the story...)

Winterize! (before the snow falls)
My husband and I bought an 83-year-old home in the spring of 1993. It was our dream house, and everything about it looked perfect through our rose-colored first-time-homeowner glasses. But, as is too often the case, things were not as they seemed. (read the story...)

Boston — When Skies are Blue
On our recent trip to Boston, we prayed for rain. No, the city is not besieged by a drought, but there are so many fabulous indoor activities, we hoped for some bad weather to force us inside (read the story...)

When your child bleeds excessively : Von Willebrand Disease
A report on Von Willebrand Disease —A Little Known Bleeding Disorder (read the story...)

Seat belt or booster seat?The 5-Step Test
I recently completed an 8-hour Car Seat Inspector Training course — and learned that, even though your child may seem old enough for just a seat belt, it often isn't a safe idea. I was surprised to find my 7-year-old daughter still needs a booster seat even though she's tall for her age. (read the story...)

How To Rebuild Trust After It's Broken: Life After Divorce
Since most divorces occur after a major breakdown in trust and respect, it is not surprising that two parents who can no longer live together will continue to have trust issues with each other after the divorce. This can cause a series of unhealthy disappointments for both parents and their children if steps are not taken to at least try to build up a minimal level of trust. (read the story...)

“Protecting our kids and giving them a voice” Guidelines for NYC classrooms
Like December 7, June 6 and November 22, September 11 won't be allowed to come and go unnoticed anymore. It won't be indicated with bold numbers on commercial calendars, but its identity as something infamous and life changing is nevertheless assured. It's impossible to tell what history has in store for it, but at the moment, with its first anniversary approaching, the idea of understanding it as both history and a viable threat, without being re-traumatized, is something Americans of all ages — especially children — have to face. (read the story...)

Credit Cards: the future trap
Did you know that 80 percent of consumers do not understand how the grace period on a credit card works? Considering that 60 percent of Americans carry credit card balances — the average household balance is nearly $8,400 — this ignorance is costing many people serious money. (read the story...)

Divorce and Custody, New York Style:One Size Does Not Fit All
In making custody and visitation rulings, the New York State courts use the standard of "best interests of the child." It means, broadly speaking, "parents' ability to meet the child's emotional and financial needs," writes Mimi Lyster in Child Custody: Building Parenting Agreements that Work. (read the story...)

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