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Going Green
This past Earth Day marked a sea change for a lot of people, myself included. After reading everywhere about global warming and the resulting environmental crisis our planet faces and taking my son to see Al Gore’s 'An Inconvenient Truth', I’m committed. (read the story...)

I’ll never forget the day my oldest daughter, Hallie, learned to read. We had planned to go to the Fifth Avenue book fair, appropriately enough, when she wanted to sit on our stoop and look at a book. And suddenly, she ‘cracked the code’. (read the story...)

Writer Guidelines
(read the story...)

MOMS IN THE WORKPLACE: Fighting the Big Five Fears
Over the past 50 years, there has been a quiet revolution in this country as more mothers have entered the workplace (read the story...)

Reflections: The Pre-Awake Magic Teenage Minute
I’ve come to the conclusion that the only two times my teenage daughter is semi-civilized to me is when 1) She needs me to take her to a concert, or 2) She is just coming out of a deep sleep and is still not totally awake and coherent. (read the story...)

Dads: The Sushi Police
I confess. I used my infant to help me out of a rather sticky situation. A police situation. (read the story...)

How NOT to Raise a Spoiled Brat
No one wants to raise a spoiled child . . . but not all parents know how to prevent it from happening. (read the story...)

So You’ve Moved...Now What?Moving Day is over and you’re in your new house! But do your kids feel at home?
Moving is as hard for kids as it is for adults — maybe even more so. A move can be unsettling for infants as well as teenagers. It’s not so much the particulars which accompany Moving Day, but the fear of the unknown once you’ve gotten where you’re going. Many parents find that unpacking and finding a new pediatrician is the least of their worries. The best you can do is to make things as comfortable and familiar as possible for each family member. (read the story...)

Infants and Air Travel: Should Child Seats Be Required?
I wouldn’t consider myself a frequent flyer, but I’ve flown enough times to have occupied a seat across from an infant, precariously perched atop his mother’s lap. When others are asked to fasten their seatbelts due to take-off, landing or turbulence, these tiny travelers are not required to oblige. Currently, parents traveling with children under two are not required to purchase a seat for their child in order to strap him into a child restraint system (CRS). The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recommends the use of a CRS, but does not require it. (read the story...)

Changing and Growing with Battery Park City - One mom’s story:
On 9/11, Renee Little fled from her Battery Park City apartment with her 11-month-old baby in her arms, descending 25 flights of a dark, dust-filled stairway to safety. (read the story...)

The Marginalization of Dads
When Tim* and Julianne Penn*’s daughters were young, Tim tucked them into bed and told them stories each night. With both parents working, as the girls got older, Julianne took care of the domestic chores and the nurturing and daily care of the girls, while Tim managed the household finances, mowed the lawn, coached the girls’ soccer teams, and sat on the school board. (read the story...)

The binder for busy families
Modern lives are complex and multi-faceted. We often find ourselves scattered, buried in clutter, and racing from one place to the next. Who hasn’t misplaced the field trip notice and consequently forgotten to pack the required “bagged lunch”, or gotten to the birthday party late because of searching for the address? And who hasn’t ended up at the wrong soccer field after the “disappearance” of the schedule? Yet some moms seem to have it all together. Their kids have boots if bad weather is predicted; their bathing suits, goggles and towels actually make it to the pool; and they can put their hands on any important piece of paper at a moment’s notice. Pam Socolow of Mt. Kisco is one of those moms. (read the story...)

Mid-Life College ExpressCity Mom’s Site Offers Guidance to Fellow Boomers
Energy radiated from Annie Segan as she opened her door, exclaiming, "You will never believe what I just got in the mail . . . my Master's diploma!" The vitality and happiness were not only products of well-deserved pride, I was soon to find out, but part of Segan's vibrant nature. (read the story...)

The Bridge That Brings Families Together
Alexei acts like any other fourth grader. He listens to Jessica Simpson and shoots hoops with his brother after school. In the school orchestra he plays the violin, and he will be one of the townspeople in the school production of "The Music Man”. Ask him any baseball trivia question, he’ll give you the answer. His mother, Terry Naumann of Yorktown Heights, unabashedly describes Alexei as "slender and handsome" with a "wry sense of humor”. Yet a little over three years ago, the boy behind the hazel eyes with long, thick lashes didn’t know a word of English and was headed toward a dismal life as an orphan in Siberia. (read the story...)

Pioneering New Frontiers
Look closely at almost any building and you should be able to read the mind of its architect. Confidence, overconfidence, arrogance, sense, irrationality, showmanship, apathy — the characteristics inevitably come out in the design. The World Trade Center represented the grand dream that Nelson and David Rockefeller held for the southern tip of Manhattan, and since its loss, arguments have raged over how to replace it with proper deference. (read the story...)

Playtime Aplenty!
Indoor playgrounds would be around even if some weather warlock exercised his atmospheric magic on New York and bestowed it with San Diego-consistent temperatures. There are always indoor people and outdoor people, even in the most unswervingly agreeable climates. Sydney's Playground is one of the city's new indoor hotspots for play, and it doesn't much matter whether you're an indoor or outdoor type to enjoy it: it just looks like fun. (read the story...)

It’s a Girl Thing
When people talk about their “girls”, they generally mean their daughters. But for Larchmont resident Melissa Gitelman, mother of three (ages 11, 8, and 3, two of them female), “The Girls” are her ever-growing line of canvas totes, cosmetic bags, T-shirts, mugs, plates, magnets, umbrellas and most recently, jewelry. (read the story...)

O Canada!
The first time I saw a photograph of Chateau Lake Louise sitting at the edge of an unimaginably turquoise lake and surrounded by the snow-covered Canadian Rockies, I knew I had to go there. My husband, our two sons (ages 16 and 13), and I finally made the trip last summer and discovered that the region is even more spectacular than we had imagined because no mere photograph can possibly capture its grandeur. (read the story...)

Où Aller: Mount-Tremblant
Looking for a foreign destination where the natives are friendly, the food is good, the scenery is inspiring and there’s lots for the whole family to do? Located in the Laurentian Mountains just north of Montreal, Mont-Tremblant is a four-season destination for families who love nature, as well as shopping and fine dining. (read the story...)

DEAR DYLAN Messages from entertainment critic and cancer patient Joel Siegel to his son
"I feel great," says Joel Siegel. One of the most recognizable faces and voices in New York television, the entertainment critic for WABC's Eyewitness News and Good Morning America knows just how much physical and emotional labor packs itself into a little sentence like that. (read the story...)

Get Organized Now!For the new school year
It’s true that the words ‘kid’s room’ and ‘organized’ rarely appear in the same sentence. So how can you help organize your child’s room and study areas to best fit the new year’s challenges? From junior kindergarten to junior high, there are some universal tips for upgrading children’s rooms to keep them organized and help them focus throughout the year: (read the story...)

For 'The Perfect Game', Roots Run Deep
A quick glance around Barnes and Noble easily confirms it: Baseball appeals warmly to sophisticates. Writers like George Will and Roger Angell have repeatedly turned their attentions to the sport, examining it to death in social, economic and political terms, constantly trying to nail down its lasting fascination, and always, somehow, failing to say what's really on their minds about it — that baseball is fun. (read the story...)

High-Profile Women Execs: How do they do it?
The topic attracted hundreds to the 92nd Street Y recently: How do high-profile female executives manage to raise families amid the demands of successful careers? (read the story...)

One, Two, Three Strikes Not Out
In 1866, baseball was “base ball”. Uniforms were baggy flannel, balls were handmade, and no one wore gloves; a foul ball was not a strike, and stayed in play even when hit under the bleachers. By 1898, foul balls were still not strikes, but the first baseman and catcher were entitled to wear base ball gloves. While the rules have evolved, baseball today, even with its multi-million dollar salaries and designated hitters, has retained the distinction of the hands-down national pastime. (read the story...)

For hospitalized children, The Real White Glove Treatment
Tiffany is 14 now, and her blood condition has been stable for over a year. Yet, visiting the Outpatient Hematology/Oncology Clinic means revisiting the pain and chills of the chemotherapy treatments coursing through her veins; it means staring back into the sad eyes of little kids ravaged by leukemia. But not this time. Today there is something different in the air: a hint of levity. (read the story...)

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