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Starting a Parent-Child Book Club
Three years ago, a friend and I started a parent-child book club. We participate in an adult book club, and wanted to create a similar, meaningful experience with our children. Through the years, our children continue to be thoughtful readers who delight in bonding over books. This summer may be the perfect time for you and your child to get started! (read the story...)

A Day on Staten Island
Even with Lower Manhattan only a short ferry ride away, the borough sometimes seems miles from New York. But get ready for a surprise: Staten Island does have things to do. (read the story...)

They Came, They Spoke, They Concurred20 Years of Speeches in Scarsdale
When Clyde Tressler, head of the English department at Scarsdale Middle School, addressed the volunteer judges at the school’s first speech contest 20 years ago, there were far fewer faces looking back at him than there were this past evening of April 8. (read the story...)

New Center For Childhood Epilepsy, MontefioreSleep Center is one of only a few in the country for children
Mother-of-three Karen Maulen, of Cortlandt Manor, N.Y., is grateful for many gifts in her life, including her two-week stay at the new children’s epilepsy management center at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, in the Bronx. Those two weeks in February, she says, helped turn her daughter’s life around, and onto the road to a more productive life. (read the story...)

Outdoor Play: Kids Do It Much Less Often
Playing — especially the outdoor type where kids run around playing tag, chase, street and ball games — is good for children and should be encouraged, child health experts say. But a national survey recently revealed a radical lifestyle difference and decline between children’s play today and that of their parents a generation ago. (read the story...)

Tales from the Passenger Side
Three moms offer some great advice for family trips …Hell-bent on the Highway (read the story...)

A Taste of Victorian Times, in Flushing
Nestled between gardens brimming with native plants, the pink Victorian house stands out like a peacock among pigeons in its urban neighborhood. Located in downtown Flushing, The Voelker-Orth Museum, Bird Sanctuary & Victorian Garden joins the impressive number of historic landmarks in the borough of Queens. (read the story...)

Cape Cod Capers:
There is something magical about an island that cannot be reached by car, a feeling intensified when that island is as charming as Nantucket. (read the story...)

FTC Calls Turtle to Guard Duty“Dewie the Turtle” Appointed Internet Security Mascot
The current national byword, as if anyone really needs to be reminded, is security. And with the Internet's ever-expanding role as a common household tool, the need to protect users from hackers — and children from some of the nastier eccentricities of adulthood — continues to stimulate new government initiatives and resources. (read the story...)

When you fight in front of the kids: Does it help or hurt?
Marital conflict is a very common occurrence in families and is particularly prevalent during the child-rearing years. Parenting adds a whole new level of complexity to the challenges of marriage. Who changes the diapers, disciplines the children or takes off work to care for a sick child? As many couples know, parenting can present many new opportunities for conflict, and there are both constructive and non-constructive ways of handling these differences. (read the story...)

Gone Up In Smoke
The bars on the zoos’ monkey cages are rattling, city unions are on the defensive as the threat of larger layoff cuts loom, and child advocacy groups are bracing themselves for the deep wounds that a $3.4 billion budget gap will impose on core services for the city’s children. Reality is blinding sometimes. (read the story...)

THE REFORMED PROM - Is The Party Over? Drinking, excessive cost, and social exclusivity spur new guidelines for Prom 2003
High school prom procedures are undergoing reviews and revisions across the county, as districts try to gain some control over the alcohol consumption, cost and social exclusivity commonly associated with the event. (read the story...)

Arsenic in the Playground:Vital tips for families
If you’ve been feeling guilty that you can’t bring the kids to the park as often as they’d like, take heart. You may have reduced their risk of getting cancer. (read the story...)

TV-Turnoff Week: April 21-27, 2003Tune out TV: Turn on Life!
Last April, hundreds of thousands of children across the country participated in TV Free Week. They switched off the tube and biked to their libraries, played Monopoly, and talked to their parents. What were the results? (read the story...)

Club Med Sandpiper'Country Club' Sans Attitude
Twenty-five hours after our train left Penn Station and started south through snow-crusted New Jersey factory yards, my husband, my son and I stumbled like three sleepwalkers into Club Med Sandpiper's courtyard, gratefully inhaling the humid Florida evening breeze. (read the story...)

Bal Harbour Bellissima!
On the ocean, halfway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami (each is roughly a 30-minute drive away), Bal Harbour residents like to compare their little piece of paradise with locations on the French Riviera. (read the story...)

The Broadway Kids: A Stage of Their Own
Making it on Broadway is tough enough, but surviving there is equally hard — especially for kids, who have a selfish tendency to grow (and whose voices sometimes change) during the run of a show. (read the story...)

Reach for the Moon
In a small cozy theater in Chelsea that holds about 125 people, the TADA! Theater Company puts on crowd pleasing family shows starring children 8-18 years old. (read the story...)

It’s a Strike!New recreational facility entertains New Hyde Park families
Let’s say you’re planning a family outing and hubby wants to go bowling but the idea doesn’t fly with the progeny — who’d rather do something different, say, tool around on a fast track in a go-kart. Don’t despair, though: at the recently opened Strike, an entertainment center located in New Hyde Park, you can have your cake and eat it, too. (read the story...)

Childcare Shortage Hits the County
When Nicole, a Mamaroneck mother, began looking into childcare services for her two-year-old daughter, she was stunned to find that the facilities she was considering all had waiting lists of one to three years. (read the story...)

Skill, Discipline, Appreciation...
(read the story...)

Haulin’ lass (or lad) around New York City
If your child is anything like mine was during his first year, simply going across town for the afternoon is a challenge. My son hated his stroller from the time he was 6 months old. He would wail to get out, and scream to be held. No toy bars, dangling items, pacifiers, or snacks helped to keep him happy in what he seemed to view as his little rolling prison (read the story...)

Feeling Scattered:The Mother Muddle
Many mothers attest to never feeling quite as ‘together’ as in their pre-baby days. But those who seem to barely miss a beat amidst the whirlwind of activity say it all boils down to flexibility, planning, and support — and a lot of smoke and mirrors. (read the story...)

Skip a Step
Baking cookies with the kids? Raw eggs in unbaked cookie dough pose a significant risk of salmonella, according to the FDA. (read the story...)

A Whale of a Renovation
When the American Museum of Natural History's Hall of Ocean Life reopens in May after more than a year of renovation, its famous 94-foot blue whale will have gone through a little cosmetic surgery. (read the story...)

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317 New Canaan Road/Route 106 (in Silvermine)
Wilton, CT
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