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How to Choose an Afterschool Activity for Your Child in NYC!
How to Choose an Afterschool Activity for Your Child in NYC (read the story...)

How To Choose A Day Care Center in NYC
How to find quality daycare (read the story...)

How To Grill Safely
The number of bacterial food poisoning cases from E. Coli and salmonella rises in the summer months because warm weather causes food to spoil more quickly, and we tend to get lax with food hygiene when cooking outdoors. (read the story...)

How to Pack a Perfectly “Green” Picnic
It’s easy to ensure that your summer picnic is gentle on Mother Earth… Like a parade of ants, they would begin their march, loaded down with everything they needed for a picnic lunch at the lake. (read the story...)

How To Recycle with a Heart in Westchester
Moving? Redecorating? Get rid of your old furniture while helping out someone who needs it. Furniture Sharehouse, which just opened its warehouse facility for the collection and distribution of donated furniture, collects gently-used or new home furnishings from homes and businesses in the community, and redistributes them free of charge to those in need. (read the story...)

How To Cope With Bedwetting
My child has had a problem with wetting his bed, and I don’t know what to do about it. Will psychotherapy or medications help solve the problem? (read the story...)

How To Be Safe in the Sun
This summer . . . “Stop, Spray, and Play”. (read the story...)

How to Get Winning Writing Strategies
For many students, the thought of having to write a well-constructed essay causes a chronic case of the jitters. (read the story...)

How to Talk It Out — The Art of Family Conversation
Family conflicts are common, but if not addressed, they tend to snowball. (read the story...)

How to Help Your Kids Help Themselves : Homework
How to Help Your Kids Help Themselves (read the story...)

How NOT to Raise a Spoiled Brat
No one wants to raise a spoiled child . . . but not all parents know how to prevent it from happening. (read the story...)

How We Learn: A guide to helping kids harness their learning styles
The key to understanding new ideas and making connections with learning is in our individual learning styles. These are the pathways that our brains are most comfortable with when making sense of new information. We each have our own preferred ways of gaining this understanding; finding the method through which we learn most naturally can help us take charge of our own learning and enhance further knowledge growth. And understanding how learning works can help parents guide kids, in and out of the classroom. (read the story...)

HOW TO PREPARE FOR A DRAFT- What Parents and Young People Can Do
According to a CBS News poll conducted on April 1, 70 percent of Americans oppose a reinstatement of the draft. A May Newsweek poll of 18- to 29-year-olds revealed that 36 percent of respondents would not serve. If you or your child has strong feelings about military service and the draft, what should you know, and what can you do? Big Apple Parent talked with Mary-Ann Greanier, a writer and activist with United For Justice with Peace and American Freedoms.org, who counsels young people about the draft. (read the story...)

How to Gain Control: The NYC private school process
Seeking admission into a private school has become a rite of passage for the families of many New-York area school children. This past year, our family went through the application process. There were many moments when my husband and I felt overwhelmed by the experience. However, gaining control over the following factors helped us preserve our sanity and improved our chances for success. (read the story...)

Hot To Talk to Children about War and Terrorism:Tips for Parents and Teachers
Once again, parents and teachers are faced with the challenge of discussing the threat of terrorism and the prospect of war with their children. Although these are understandably difficult conversations, they are also extremely important. Keep in mind, there is no "right" or "wrong" way to have these discussions. However, here are some suggestions that might be helpful. (read the story...)

How To Keep Camp Talk ... Positive!
You have carefully anticipated every need your child may have and every scenario that she may encounter. You've stuffed her bags with ointments and lotions, bandages, extra socks, mounds of Kleenex, and a stash of secret snacks. But, perhaps the most important thing you can give your child before she leaves for the great outdoors is not what you can cram into a backpack. What she needs most is...confidence! (read the story...)

How To Rebuild Trust After It's Broken: Life After Divorce
Since most divorces occur after a major breakdown in trust and respect, it is not surprising that two parents who can no longer live together will continue to have trust issues with each other after the divorce. This can cause a series of unhealthy disappointments for both parents and their children if steps are not taken to at least try to build up a minimal level of trust. (read the story...)

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