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How to Turn Your Child's Teen Years into an Age of Opportunity
Laurence Steinberg, Ph.D., author of "Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence," shares why adolescence lasts for a longer period of time now than ever before, and how you can help guide your teen through positive influences. (read the story...)

Help Your Children Overcome 'Affluenza'
'Affluenza' is the psychological dysfunction caused by the obsessive and competitive pursuit for more; more money, more material items, more power. While there is pressure on children from affluent homes to be the best, the sense of entitlement that comes with it can be a detriment to your child. (read the story...)

NYMP Q&A: Teens and Social Media
Author Danah Boyd shares what's really going on with teens and social media, including whether social media addiction is real, cyber bullying, online privacy, and how technology impacts teens. (read the story...)

Planned Parenthood Launches Apps to Help Teens Make Healthy Decisions
Planned Parenthood Federation of America recently launched nine interactive tools online to help teens make healthy decisions, which incorporate age-appropriate sex education. The tools help teens start conversations about sex and dating with their parents, tips to avoid risky sexual situations, and help them better plan their future. (read the story...)

Ask the Expert: How Can I Handle My Tween's Mysterious Halloween Behavior?
We spoke to Nicholas Strouse, LCSW, of Westport Family Counseling to get tips on handling tween's embarrassment of dressing up for Halloween, talking to your tween or teen about their inappropriate costume, and how to handle your teens mischievous Halloween behavior and pulling pranks on others. (read the story...)

Where to Get Help If You Think Your Teen Is Using Drugs
If you suspect your teen is using drugs or drinking alcohol, there are places you can turn to for help. Here is a list of substance abuse resources in the New York metro area, including Rockland, Westchester, Fairfield, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. (read the story...)

Back-To-School Safety Tips for Teen Drivers
Driving-Tests.org recently released a new, free Parent-Teen Safe Driving Contract to raise awareness of teenagers driving safely,as well as seven back-to-school safety tips for teen drivers. (read the story...)

Advice on Empty-Nest Syndrome
When your high school graduate left for college in August, they weren't the only one making a transition: parents face emotional and lifestyle adjustments, too. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital physicians offer expert tips for parents and children on topics including redecorating your child's room, credit cards, and keeping in touch. (read the story...)

Kids, Porn, and Parents
The constant struggle of communication between parents and teenagers will always be on the foreground of the parenting world. Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC explores what happens when teenagers discover pornography, the possibility of porn addiction, and how to cope and talk with your teen about the subject. (read the story...)

Detecting Eating Disorders in College Freshmen
Eating Recovery Center urges parents to be vigilant about signs of eating disorders in college freshmen as they return home from school. (read the story...)

How to Recognize Signs of an Eating Disorder
Does your teen see herself as fat when she’s not—and measure her self-worth by her weight? Learn the early warning signs of eating disorders (perhaps surprisingly, for boys as well as girls). (read the story...)

Do Males Get Eating Disorders?
Approximately 10 percent of individuals with anorexia or bulimia, and an estimated 40 percent of those with binge eating disorder, are male—and some mental health professionals believe these percentages are increasing. (read the story...)

Gifts for Teens: Seeing Green
Must you spend lots of cash to keep your teens happy this holiday? One Long Island mom weighs in. (read the story...)

Teen Etiquette: Table Manners & First Impressions
Although today’s teens may face many challenges on their journey to adulthood, empowering them with good manners helps ease a smooth and successful transition into adult social and business situations. (read the story...)

Smart Talk for Teens About Smoking and Asthma
Read this fact sheet for teens about smoking and asthma, courtesy of Greenwich Hospital/Yale New Haven Health. (read the story...)

How Your Children's Friends Affect Their Grades
Your child's friends and relationships have more of an effect on his schoolwork and grades than you may think. Kids with a positive social life tend to perform better academically. Vera Borukhov, a Queens tutor and teacher, offers tips on how to help your child succeed in school by developing the right friendships. (read the story...)

How to Make Chores Fun
Silvana Clark, aka The Fun Consultant, offers parents creative tips on how to make chores fun - or at least more tolerable - for kids. Drawing tips from her book "Fun-Filled Parenting," Clark explains how to help kids of all ages - from toddlers to teens - put a positive spin on chores and establish a good work ethic early on. (read the story...)

How to Make College More Affordable: There's More Money if You Know Where to Look
Millions of families each year face the question of how to pay for college. And it’s not one that’s easily answered without the help of some kind of financial aid. A survey by The Princeton Review found that 86 percent of college applicants and parents of applicants said that financial aid would be "very necessary." (read the story...)

Tips for Teens on Finding a Summer Job
With the unemployment rate hovering around 24 percent for teenagers, many may have to work extra hard to grab that part-time summer job this year. Here, Joseph Peri, president of Junior Achievement New York, offers teens advice on how to land a summer position in a tough economy. (read the story...)

Cleveland Browns Running Back Peyton Hillis is Selected to be Pictured on the Cover of Madden NFL 12 Video Game
Attention all football and video game fanatics, the voting has ended. Electronic Arts Inc. announced April 26 that Peyton Hillis, running back for the Cleveland Browns, was selected by millions of fans across the country to grace the cover of the Madden NFL 12 football video game. Hillis, a No. 10 seed, defeated former Madden NFL 04 cover athlete and No. 3 seed Michael Vick (QB, Eagles) in the finals of an unprecedented campaign with ESPN.com and SportsNation that allowed fans to determine, by an online vote that was open to the public, the football player to be featured on the cover of Madden NFL 12 when the game launches on August 30. (read the story...)

New Study Pinpoints What Happens Right Before Teens Crash
Scientists stress hazard-detection training is needed to keep teen drivers safe. (read the story...)

Safe and Fun Hangout Spots for Teens in Fairfield County, CT
Safe and fun hangouts for teenagers and sanity-saving support for parents of teens in Fairfield County, CT. (read the story...)

Resources for Teens and Parents of Teens in Rockland County, NY
Safe and fun hangouts for teenagers and sanity-saving support for parents of teens in Rockland County, NY. (read the story...)

Resources for Teens and Parents of Teens in Westchester County, NY
Safe and fun hangouts for teenagers and sanity-saving support for parents of teens in Westchester County, NY. (read the story...)

Safe and Fun Hangout Spots for Teens in Brooklyn
Safe and fun hangouts for teenagers in Brooklyn. (read the story...)

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