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Foster Kids Star in Heart Gallery Photo Exhibit at Broadway Mall in Hicksville
Kids in foster care who are seeking "forever families" are the subjects in a new photo exhibit at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville, NY. The exhibit is organized by Heart Gallery and is the first of its kind on Long Island. (read the story...)

Q&A with Tina Traster, Mother of an Adopted Child with Reactive Attachment Disorder
Tina Traster, author and mother to a Russian-adopted daughter with Reactive Attachment Disorder, talks about her "aha moment," warning signs of RAD, how she has treated her daughter's RAD, and what she hopes readers take away from her book on the subject, "Rescuing Julia Twice." (read the story...)

You Love Me Too, Mamma?: An Adoption Story
A writer and documentary filmmaker living in New York City and her husband adopt two young children who were born in Vietnam. (read the story...)

Online Adoption Resources for Westchester
In the age of Google and tech-savvy toddlers, answers to questions about adoption are often just a click away. We bring you several online adoption resources for children and parents in Westchester. (read the story...)

Online Adoption Resources for Long Island
In the age of Google and tech-savvy toddlers, answers to questions about adoption are often just a click away. We bring you several online adoption resources for children and parents in Long Island. (read the story...)

Online Adoption Resources for New York City
In the age of Google and tech-savvy toddlers, answers to questions about adoption are often just a click away. We bring you several online adoption resources for children and parents in New York City. (read the story...)

Q&A: Foster Parent 101
What do you need to know to become a foster parent? We talked with Nicole L. Mudd, a foster care home-finder for Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth on Long Island, about what it takes to be a foster parent, rights and responsibilities of the job, and other ways to help children in need. (read the story...)

One Woman's Journey to Find Her Birth Family
Today, open adoption is almost universally accepted. Years ago that was not the case. In a personal account, Titia Ellis speaks of the shame and secrets surrounding her own adoption, and the search for her birth family. (read the story...)

Charity Event Raises More Than $25,000 for NY and CT Adoption Program
Forever Families Through Adoption, Inc. (FFTA), an NY- and CT-authorized adoption placement agency and resource center, held its third annual gourmet food tasting and silent auction event, "An Evening at Crawford Park Mansion," which raised more than $25,000 for FFTA’s programming. (read the story...)

Administration for Children's Services Honors 51 NYC Foster Parents
The 2011 Foster Parent Recognition Ceremony, held May 26, honored 51 foster parents for their dedication to New York City youth. (read the story...)

Tips for Parents: How to Handle Awkward Birthday Party Situations
Here's help in handling the trickiest birthday party conundrums, including divorced parents; birthdays for twins and multiples, adopted children, and those that fall on holidays; and summer birthdays. (read the story...)

Forever Families Through Adoption: Annual Event a Success in Greenwich, CT
Forever Families Through Adoption (FFTA) of Rye Brook, a New York and Connecticut licensed adoption placement agency and resource center, raised more than $15,000 at its second annual gourmet tasting event and silent auction. (read the story...)

Wish You Were Here!: How to Keep Kids Close to Distant Relatives
When your relatives don't live right around the corner, heed our tips to help your kids stay close to them in other ways. (read the story...)

Wednesday’s Child and the Music Conservatory of Westchester Team Up
(read the story...)

Parenting Across Race
For families who have adopted a child of another race, it is especially important to be aware of love’s limits. (read the story...)

A Bridge to Family
Since 1963, Abbott House has served the five boroughs of NYC and the lower and mid-Hudson Valley region. The only program of its kind in the state, the Bridge Family model unites families who are considering adoption with teens who have been in the foster care system for the majority of their lives... (read the story...)

Notes From A Backseat Driver
From toddlers to teens there is something about a car ride that is conducive to intimate conversation. (read the story...)

Christopher's Mom
After seven years of intensive treatment for unexplained infertility, and after seven years of ignoring the problem while dealing with a live-in mother-in-law with Alzheimer's disease, I was sure infertility would leave me emotionally hobbled forever. (read the story...)

Forgotten Babies
NYC mom writes for change. (read the story...)

Adopting Internationally: Local groups offer resources and support for all the special challenges
With so many families choosing to adopt children from foreign countries, many factors come into play in keeping the adoptee’s birth heritage alive. Through interaction with organizations that post events and offer advice and social outlets, families are able to help celebrate cultural differences together with their children. (read the story...)

The Bridge That Brings Families Together
Alexei acts like any other fourth grader. He listens to Jessica Simpson and shoots hoops with his brother after school. In the school orchestra he plays the violin, and he will be one of the townspeople in the school production of "The Music Man”. Ask him any baseball trivia question, he’ll give you the answer. His mother, Terry Naumann of Yorktown Heights, unabashedly describes Alexei as "slender and handsome" with a "wry sense of humor”. Yet a little over three years ago, the boy behind the hazel eyes with long, thick lashes didn’t know a word of English and was headed toward a dismal life as an orphan in Siberia. (read the story...)

'Forever Families', Inspired by Noelle
Deb Capone tells people that when she adopted her daughter, Noelle, from Hunan Province, China, in 2000, she knowingly joined the legion of “the sleep-deprived” and unknowingly became part of what has emerged as one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. population: the transracial family. (read the story...)

International Adoptive Parents Stoic in Face of SARSMany See China Trip as Essential
Most parents will agree that the journey to becoming a family is a complex mosaic of uncertainties and possibilities. For those who build families through international adoption, the road to parenthood is a maze of passageways paved with risks. But the prospect of creating a family propels them forward — even when some of the risks make headline news. (read the story...)

For older foster kids,Finding a Way Home
By the time he was 15, Robert had lived in seven foster care homes and one residential treatment facility. He was available for adoption but that seemed unlikely; the young man was concerned about what would happen to him when he ‘aged out’ of the foster care system at 18. Then he got lucky. (read the story...)

THERE’S A BABY WAITING FOR YOU! Westchester Parents on International Adoption
“My daughter is Chinese. She will grow up as an American but her heritage is Chinese and I want her to remember that.” These are the words of Marjorie Berman of Ardsley, the adoptive mother of four-year-old Sophia Kosman, who left her native country at the age of 13 months. Like most Americans who have adopted children from other countries in recent years, Berman is determined that her daughter will be proud of the place where she was born. (read the story...)

Star Kidz - NYC
NYC & Westchester locations
New York, NY
The original inspiration for Star Kidz dates back ...

Village East Gifted
216 Willis Ave.
Roslyn Heights, NY
Village East Gifted is an enrichment program in Lo...

A & S Fine Foods
12 Bowman Ave
Port Chester, NY
A & S turns out popular prepared meals, such as la...

Five Mile River Nursery School
5 Pennoyer St.
Rowayton, CT
The Five Mile River Nursery School was founded to ...

Replay Music Studios
421 Hudson St.
New York, NY
Replay Music Studios is a high-tech rehearsal stu...

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