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Should Kids Have Cell Phones?
Do cell phones make kids safer — or more vulnerable? Most parents get kids phones because they seem like a way to keep children safe and connected. After all, with a cell phone, your child can contact you whenever he needs you. Also, you should be able to reach your child (assuming, of course, that she hasn’t lost the cell phone, buried it in a backpack, lent it to a friend, forgotten to turn the ringer on, or decided to ignore it when it turns out to be "just you"). (read the story...)

When Nancy Ford Springer’s son Nick went to summer camp in the Berkshires almost six years ago, she had never heard of meningococcal meningitis. (read the story...)

THE NEW FOOD GUIDELINES - What they mean for kids
The new United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 2005 dietary guidelines challenge Americans to (1) balance calorie input with energy output, (2) eat a healthy diet, (3) be more active, and (4) practice food safety. The fourth goal is entirely new. In addition, the USDA has raised the bar on the other three. (read the story...)

Boning Up on Kids’ Health
Mention bone density and most people imagine an older woman, stooped and fragile. But osteoporosis is not just an ‘old ladies’’ disease. Children, too, can be afflicted with this condition, and for a number of reasons, may be prone to the bone fractures that result from osteoporosis and its milder cousin, osteopenia. (read the story...)

Five Lessons that Five Dollars can teach your child
Whether you’re saving for a family vacation, college tuition, or a new car, pinching pennies can be challenging. But as tricky as saving money is for adults, the concept is far harder for children to grasp. (read the story...)

Pirates of the 21st Century – Teaching Kids about Cyberethics
Could your child be a pirate? No, not a one-eyed swashbuckler stealing gold and jewels, but one who copies or downloads copyrighted materials — including software, music and games — without paying for them? (read the story...)

When Your Child Has an Eating Disorder
“Mary Jones” was a very sick 14-year-old. The name isn’t real but the disease is: She had bulimia and it could have been fatal. (read the story...)

(Food) Survival for the first weeks
The last thing a new mom wants to think about is preparing a nutritious meal for herself. Not that she doesn’t want to eat healthy food. It’s just so tiring to think about the actual completion of the task. First there’s the running to the market, then the buying of healthy foods, dealing with checkout, the schlep home and finally, cooking and eating. Just considering the prospect is nap-inducing. (read the story...)

From Farm to Table
If you ask your children where the food they eat comes from, you might hear them respond, “from the supermarket.” The Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills wants to let kids (and adults) know the real source — the farm. (read the story...)

The Bridge That Brings Families Together
Alexei acts like any other fourth grader. He listens to Jessica Simpson and shoots hoops with his brother after school. In the school orchestra he plays the violin, and he will be one of the townspeople in the school production of "The Music Man”. Ask him any baseball trivia question, he’ll give you the answer. His mother, Terry Naumann of Yorktown Heights, unabashedly describes Alexei as "slender and handsome" with a "wry sense of humor”. Yet a little over three years ago, the boy behind the hazel eyes with long, thick lashes didn’t know a word of English and was headed toward a dismal life as an orphan in Siberia. (read the story...)

New Food Guidelines Issued - Marked Increase in Childhood Food Allergies Cited
The new guidelines When and what to feed babies is an evolving science, and the guidelines are frequently changing as we learn more about infants’ nutritional requirements, how to best establish healthy eating habits, and how to prevent food allergies. To help alleviate some of the confusion and to provide a list of recommendations based on the latest research, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently released the fifth edition of its Pediatric Nutrition Handbook. (read the story...)

Feeding Your Young Athlete
If your child plays sports, whether in middle or high school, you probably have a hard time keeping your pantry stocked. Active kids eat more, or at least they should, although many parents aren't sure just what constitutes good nutrition for young athletes. It's no wonder the concept is confusing, says Sarah Short, Ph.D., Ed.D, a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist. "It's not easy to generalize," she says. Kids in early puberty and adolescence come in a stunning array of shapes, sizes, and maturity levels, and when you factor in gender differences and athletic activity, assessing your child's nutritional needs can seem overwhelming… (read the story...)

Teens and Weight-Bearing
To prevent osteoporosis, most specialists recommend a diet high in calcium and a lifestyle high in weight-bearing exercise. (read the story...)

No one really bothers calling television the "boob tube" or "idiot box" anymore, especially with video games to kick around. As one media option of many, TV no longer seems to take all the lumps. Seems is the telling word. The definition of television has changed in some circles. (read the story...)

Email Egos:Would You Recognize Your Online Kid?
Emailers of all ages may take on different personae when communicating online. So what do parents need to know about their kids' online personalities? (read the story...)

The Internet’s New Kid-Safe ZoneKids.us designations offer quality and decency
Sooner or later, nearly every parent wishes for a magic wand that will protect young children from things that aren’t good for them. That’s especially true on the Internet where nothing but a mouse click separates even the youngest children from pornography, gambling, and other adult vices. (read the story...)

A New Quest Begins in Queens
ThinkQuest is getting students thinking. They’re thinking about alcohol abuse, the Civil War, lasers, bridges, penguins, U.S. Presidents, and families; and they’re putting these thoughts into websites for the entire world to see. (read the story...)

Wake Up! It's Time for The New Family Meal
Most of us have a vision of The Family Meal. The image includes our calm and happy children drinking milk and talking about their day at school, while we proud parents look on and share a laugh or two over something healthy and most likely home-cooked... Hello? Does this really happen in America? (read the story...)

Healthy (Computer) Habits for Young Bodies
Looking for your kids? If you have a computer, they’re likely to be found hunched over the keyboard and squinting at the screen while they surf the Internet, play games and Instant Message friends. The value of surfing, gaming and IMing is up for discussion, but the hunching and staring are bad habits with lifelong consequences. (read the story...)

Update: National Obesity Crisis Takes More Children HostageFor New York's Kids, a Special Set of Challenges
As obesity among America's children skyrockets, researchers continue to track its causes and risks at a steady rate, shedding new light on connections between diet and disease. (read the story...)

Reaching for that “Edge”Westchester teens’ use of supplements dangerously high
Remember when it was not if you won or lost, but how you played the game? It’s a whole new ball game these days, and one with a whole new language: anabolic steroids, androstenedione, creatine, diuretics, ergogenic substances, and nutritional supplements — all used to improve young athletes’ performances. And while there are differences in their health benefits and risks as well as their legal status, their use frequently echoes the same mantra: “Win at all costs.” (read the story...)

A PC for Jr.?
Does a child need his or her own computer? That's a question facing many parents today. Just a few years ago, even the most high-tech of families had only one personal computer at home. But today, the family PC is one very busy machine. It's a workstation, a communication tool, a game console and increasingly, a regular part of schoolwork. That's leading many families to consider purchasing a desktop expressly for their child's use. But making a smart tech purchase for your child isn't always an easy task. Here's a quick parent's guide to buying a PC for JR: (read the story...)

The “Talkie” of the Town
Testing…one…two…three. Kids can experiment with the magic of the greatest symphony in their lives — their own voices — at The Museum of Sound Recording at RKO Keith’s (MOSR) in Richmond Hill. The Museum launches its historic collection of sound technology with a grand opening on June 7. (read the story...)

FTC Calls Turtle to Guard Duty“Dewie the Turtle” Appointed Internet Security Mascot
The current national byword, as if anyone really needs to be reminded, is security. And with the Internet's ever-expanding role as a common household tool, the need to protect users from hackers — and children from some of the nastier eccentricities of adulthood — continues to stimulate new government initiatives and resources. (read the story...)

(read the story...)

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