Cousins Paintball

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Since 1987, Cousins Paintball has been committed to delivering the absolute best paintball experience.

About Us

All the thrills of “Hide and Seek,” “Cops and Robbers,” and “Capture The Flag.” Conjure up all the fun, excitement and feelings of sheer joy that you had when you were a kid playing these games. Then try to imagine all of these games rolled up into one and you’ve got paintball — capture the flag in the woods. But just like a kid, you’ll have to bring your wits, your strategy — and above all your sense of humor! Now you’re ready to have a day filled with action and adventure. You and your team, equipped with full mask and semi-automatic paint markers, attempt to cross a wooded field in order to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your flag station. Then BAM! With a well-placed splat of paint, you can mark your opponents out of the game. Don’t worry! Our specially-designed paint is as safe for you as it is for Mother Nature. You’ll get plenty of chances to play all day long. In a full day you’ll usually play at least eight games, possibly more. You’ll be exhausted but exhilarated by the day’s end and you’ll have plenty of stories to tell your friends at home.

Who Can Play?

Anyone 10 years old and over. If you are under 18, you’ll need to print and fill-out our online Release of Liability Form — or you can call us and we’ll mail it to you. You are welcome to come alone or with a group. Relax and enjoy your day. You will be given hands-on instruction on equipment and safety rules prior to game play.

Paintball is great for birthday parties, corporate groups, fundraisers, bachelor parties, church outings, and just for getting out to meet new people.  We offer public play as well as private outings.