Destination Science - The fun science day camp for curious kids ages 5-11!

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Hey Kids! Build a robot, create a Mars Rover, explore the science behind roller coasters, solve a mystery, build and demolish mechanical contraptions, design a Mars colony, and discover in our mad chemistry lab. DS kids experience “Aha!” moments of understanding, creativity, and curiosity while engineering, building, experimenting, and playing with astonishing gadgets and fantastic gizmos. Our top notch, enthusiastic educators and leaders make STEM learning an adventure! 2017 Topics: Robotic Mystery Camp, Crazy Contraption and Demolition Camp, Coaster Science and Mad Chemistry Camp, Journey Into Space, and Movie Making Camp!

Meet the Director

The fun science day camp for curious kids 5 to 11!
Kathy Heraghty, Heena Desai, and Sharon Fogg are educators dedicated to helping kids learn and grow, each with over 25 years as experienced science camp directors. We are united by a passion to provide girls and boys wonderful experiences with the amazing world of science, helping them think both critically and creatively. Our dream is to not just grow knowledge but to help children grow as the next generation of leaders and innovators. Science fun is a fantastic way to do this.