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Progressive Preschool Program, Pre-K and Much More!

Open Enrollment for 2016! Looking for a private preschool for your toddler? We offer a unique opportunity to enroll your child now in a private program on the Lower East Side! Our state-of the art facility features bright and spacious classrooms with natural light, outdoor playground and air conditioned gym. We offer full-day, half-day, part time and extended hours. After-school program features Arts and Crafts, Chess, FitKid, Lego Pre-Robotics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Spanish Dance and Songs, and more!

Now is the time of the year when parents start looking for a preschool for their toddlers and Admissions offices get busy. 

Evolution Enrichment Center offers tours for parents looking to enroll their children  2 years and up, and FREE Universal Pre-K (UPK)  for 4 year olds. The school is located at a prime Lower East Side location at 38 Delancey Street and occupies the entire 2nd floor.  Progressive curriculum, beautiful classrooms, lots of natural sun light, two gyms, a dance studio and a private playground are just a few features of this place. 

Evolution Enrichment Preschool Evolution Enrichment Preschool Evolution Enrichment Preschool

What makes this place really unique and stand out from many others are amazing teachers – passionate about working with the young kids, creative, and imaginative. They teach their classes with a very warm, welcoming, and understanding approach.


Evolution Enrichment Preschool Evolution Enrichment Preschool


We caught up with one of them, Karina Reyes, a lead UPK teacher, working with 4 year olds and asked her a few questions:

- Karina, what is your approach to teaching a class of 4 years olds?

- I teach my students with every intention to give them a voice and a choice. I am designing learning experiences that tap into what each student values, while still implementing the Common Core guidelines. In my classroom, I am also a participant and co-learner with all students. We collaborate, ask open-ended questions, and demand a higher order of thinking, and ultimately I think that I am learning nearly as much as they are, every day, - Karina with a smile. - We, as a classroom are surpassing any expectations and requirements that are set up for this age group, and we keep moving forward.  We are a community of learners, and along with the academic goals, I truly want my students to become curious, inventive, and problem solvers. I want them to be confident in their knowledge, and apply it to new experiences. I ultimately want my students to shape their individuality within the guidance of an educational setting.


Evolution Enrichment Preschool Evolution Enrichment Preschool


- Surpassing expectations is not easy, but we know that parents recognize and appreciate it.  Evolution Enrichment Center has  “5 Star” Community Ratings on GreatSchools.org  where many happy parents praised the level of attention and support that their children have received from the teachers, the  sense of community, and encouraged parent involvement, as well as providing the children with a number of stimulating classes like creative movement and dance, martial arts,  yoga,  cooking and of course arts and crafts.

- We know that children actually enjoy coming to our preschool because they feel that we enjoy working with them and building a foundation with them from the very beginning. I know that I am developing a love of learning and experience with them from a very young age, and I am very fond of it.  All children are artists, and I intend to allow them to use their creativity in any way. Working on creative projects with my students allows them to bring their personality into any piece that we work on.


Evolution Enrichment Preschool Evolution Enrichment Preschool


Evolution Enrichment Center offers also Afterschool and Enrichment programs:  Arts & Crafts, Creative Movement and Dance, Fit Kidz, Mandarin Cultural Immersion, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Spanish Dance and Songs, G&T Test Prep, and even Chess and Lego Robotics.

Nearby Transportation – Subway trains: J, Z, B, D, F, M;  Busses: M15, M9, M21, B39

Looking for a preschool for your toddler? We offer a unique opportunity to enroll ages 2-3 in our exceptional private program on the Lower East Side. Our 15,000-square-foot early education center features bright and spacious classrooms with natural light, outdoor playground, dance studio, and an air-conditioned gym. Pre-K for All and after-school program with options including Mandarin Explorers, FasTracKids, Gifted and Talented Test Prep, and Music Explorers. Open 8am–6pm, Schedules: Full-time, part-time, and half-day, competitive tuition. Schedule a tour: 212-375-9500 or contact online: evolutionenrichment.com/contact.

Meet the Director

Elena Alexeeva (top photo), Executive Director, brings her passion for language learning, cultural exploration and global perspective, creating enriching opportunities for students. "We contribute to multicultural flavor of Lower East Side by bringing the best of European and Asian cultural heritage to our program roster,” says Ms. Alexeeva, MA in Linguistics and Humanities, with bachelor's degree in business administration.

Milana Shabekova, Education Director, believes that the key to creating a stimulating and versatile educational environment for children is to provide them with the extraordinary care of a team of educators that can help each child exceed their potential. She has been part of the educational environment in New York City for more than 10 years, having worked as a preschool teacher, SEIT and a 1-on-1 therapist in Early Intervention. Ms. Shabekova has a master's in special education, and a bachelor's in speech language pathology, as well as certificates in Early Childhood Education.

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