Gateway School

  • 211 W 61st St Fl 6
    New York
  • MS and HS Afternoon Programs
    The Center for Educational Enrichment
    211 W. 61st St, Lower Level (212) 777-5966 x300

  • 212-247-0168
  • Categories: Public School
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The Center for Educational Enrichment fuses gifted education with progressive supports in executive function and social development. Center experiences cultivate academic growth, discipline, specific knowledge, learning strategies, social development, and self confidence. Students work on organizational skills, planning, and follow-through in a variety of opportunities offered in sections after school. Center Teams focus on problem solving and team building. 2-to-1 Mentorships and 1-to-1 Apprenticeships take individual potential to new heights, through advanced studies with established NYC masters. Inquiry/admissions begin on July 18, 2011. Classes begin mid-September.