Honey Bunch Kids

Honey Bunch Kids

Honey Bunch Kids is a licensed private family-owned pre-school and daycare dedicated to quality education. We provide a safe, clean, and caring environment promoting self-confidence and independence. 

We’ve been a part of the community for over 25 years.

Our staff is First Aid and CPR certified. They attend mandatory training classes to maintain the most updated policies, regulations, and practices in early childcare and education. We’re very proud of our high staff to child ratio. We believe that every child deserves individual care.

Our Honey Bunches love to learn! 

At Honey Bunch Kids, we believe that creating a balance between structured activities and free play allows children to learn about the different components of daily life. Our goal is to foster personal development. When not nurturing friendships through free play, our honey bunches take fun and educational classes throughout the day. We offer German, Kindergarten Readiness, Sign Language, Fitness & Sports, Art, Cooking, Music & Dance and more!

German Morning Immersion 

We believe that children are truly sponges and our German bilingual program gives them a head-start in life. Our language teachers are native speakers and prepare stimulating curriculums for our preschoolers. You don’t have to speak German at home to appreciate our language program. Exposure to different languages helps to create a broader worldview and improves thinking abilities.

Visit us!

We’re open Monday through Friday from 7:45am - 6pm. Call us to schedule your private  tour.  

Honey Bunch Kids