ISTEIN Education Center

Welcome to ISTEIN Education Center. 
We offer a multitude of programs including music, academic enrichment, and Chinese. All of our teachers are certified and have been teaching their passion for over 15+ years. Located in a convenient location in the heart of Forest Hills, we are accessible by train, bus and also by car. If you're curious about our establishment, call or email to schedule for a tour. At ISTEIN Education Center this is the place where your child's success begins.

ISTEIN Education Center is comprised of three different schools: In ISTEIN Music School, we offer private and group lessons for piano, violin, viola, cello, voice, guitar and music theory. In ISTEIN Chinese School, we focus on language application through singing, dancing, acting and recitation. In ISTEIN Academy, we offer After School program, Enrichment program, and Summer School program to help your children grow academically. Our music instructors have received teaching degree from Ivy League schools and top music institutes. Our academics instructors are NYS certified and work in public schools with extensive teaching experience. We strive to prepare your children to be a future world class leader, at ISTEIN Education Center this is the place where your child's success begins.

(Our Mission)

We are committing to set your children up for success through building confidence and enhancing academic skills. We are sharing not only the love for teaching, but also the commitment to support, encourage and educate every student. 


ISTEIN Education Center

  • Comprised of three different schools: Music, Chinese (??), and Academy Enrichment (afterschool, summer program, and enrichment programs “Little Winner (K-2)” / “State Test Prep (3-6)”
  • Our music faculty consists of professionally trained and highly accomplished from IVY League schools and top music conservatories. Our academics instructors are NYS certified and work in public schools with extensive teaching experience. Our assistant faculty are all college degree in education major.
  • Convenient location and great facility
  • Friendly, supportive, attentive, artistic school environment.

Music School:

  • Our faculty consists of professionally trained and highly accomplished musicians from top music conservatories. Music instructors are equipped with exceptional musical talent and teaching proficiency, while capable of positively inspiring and influencing students
  • Our faculties are invited to judge in various international and local competitions and music festivals and examinations. (for example: The Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program, NYSSMA, ABRSM)
  • Private Lessons: piano/violin/viola/cello/voice/guitar/flute/clarinet/drum/others
  • Group Lessons: ABRSM Theory class/Little Mozart Music Class/ Chorus/Chamber Ensemble
  • Extensive performance opportunities
  • Students are various competition winners
  • Age: 3-adult

After School Program:

  • A different kind of extended day afterschool program, unique music and Chinese afterschool, free school pick-up
  • Homework help, science & social study, featured Chinese class, featured music class and activities, state test preparation, English and math enhancement
  • Music instruments practice help
  • September 9th, 2015 – June 28th, 2016 / Mon – Fri / 2:30 -6:30 PM / PK - 6

Chinese School:

  • Mandarin Chinese Pin Yin / Simplified Chinese characters
  • Small Group & Private Lesson
  • Focus on language application through singing, dancing, acting and recitation
  • Communication skills
  • Chinese traditions and cultures

Language and culture exchange event opportunities 

ABOUT ISTEIN Education Center 

Welcome to ISTEIN Education Center. We are located in Forest Hills, Queens, New York. ISTEIN Education Center is made of 3 different schools: School of Music and Art, ISTEIN Academy and Chinese School. Our mission is to provide children and their families with the best possible care and education while providing a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.

We are committing to set your children up for success through building confidence and enhancing academic skills. We are sharing not only the love for teaching, but also the commitment to support, encourage and educate every student.

We offer music and art classes, Chinese classes, after school and summer camp program. We embrace our students’ talents, interests and challenges and offer an accepting, caring, and supportive cross-cultural environment in which to learn.  As our motto states: “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

We have certified teachers who teach in multiple grade classrooms, professional artists who teach in different music private or group lessons and experienced language teachers from top universities teach in Chinese classes at varying levels. We emphasize small sized classes, so our staff-to-student ratio is very unique and allows for individualized teaching. We strive to prepare your children to be a future world class leader, at ISTEIN Education Center this is the place where your child's success begins.

The goal of ISTEIN is to allow children to enhance their development through interaction and exploration by incorporating a developmentally appropriate curriculum and performing opportunities.

Transportation to ISTEIN is very convenient. We are a few minutes away from Subway E, F, M, R, Long Island Railroad and bus Q23. Please visit for more information.


NEWS – Enrolling 2016 ISTEIN Summer Camp 

We are currently enrolling for 2016 ISTEIN summer day camp. For a limited time offer, we are offering an early enrollment discount $100 OFF if you enroll by May 15th.

Our summer day camp includes a featured music program, a featured Chinese class, field trips every other Friday, arts and crafts classes, fun indoor and outdoor activities, and English and math enrichment to prepare your child for the next grade. Certified teachers with 15+ years of experience are here to provide your child a wonderful summer of both learning and fun.

ISTEIN has a wonderful summer school program that approaches lessons in a unique way.  We offer academics, music/arts and Chinese in a creative methodology. Our classes are taught by licensed, and experienced New York State certified teachers and professional artists. Students will not only receive instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies, but also have the opportunity to have lessons in arts/music and Chinese.

ISTEIN offers summer camp programs in Music, Theatre, Chinese, Math and English. We cater to children from 4-15 years old. Younger campers have more guidance and supervision, while older campers are able to take on some responsibility and have a chance to work in the areas of their interest.

Each camper designs his or her own unique summer experience. We feature top-level programs coached by diverse, multi-national and professional certified teachers.

ISTEIN offers campers the opportunities to perform regularly in our workshops and master classes. And we will have a final concert at the end of the camp at Steinway Hall, the world famous music venue.

ISTEIN also gives the field trip opportunities to our campers to visit the well-known art centers, museums and even attend a real concert at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.

Besides our featured music program, ISTEIN also focus on other subjects as well. Our Chinese, Math, English classes are all taught by certified teachers. And the experienced teachers will teach campers through activities, games as focusing on writing, listening, and speaking. 


ABOUT ISTEIN School of Music 

“Mathematics and music, the most sharply contrasted fields of scientific activity which can be found, and yet related, supporting each other, as if to show forth the secret connection which ties together all the activities of our mind, and which leads us to surmise that the manifestations of the artist's genius are but the unconscious expressions of a mysteriously acting rationality.” –19th century German physician and physicist Hermann von Helmholtz

Albert Einstein was once asked how he discovered the Theory of Relativity. He said “I didn’t discover it. I was listening to music and the whole thing dropped in.”

Besides the focus of academic learning, ISTEIN also believes that music education is the essential part of everything our students do. Music is about creativity, communication, and cooperation.  Being a part of ISTEIN, students will have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from a new perspective.

Our music program includes both instruction and performance. We offer piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, guitar, drum, saxophone, vocal, theory, and composition classes.

Faculty members come from the finest music conservatories including: Julliard School of Music, Yale University, New York University and Manhattan School of Music.

We teach with love and aim for the highest standards possible. Within our supportive community, students develop new skills and unique ways to express themselves through music as they cultivate their imagination. Classes have a relaxed and open atmosphere where learning is fun, challenging and creative. We provide students with professional workshops, master classes, and concerts at different venues every year.  There are also opportunities to perform in New York local festivals and at musical events. We help students prepare for music examinations such as Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and New York State Schools of Music Association (NYSSMA), and also coach students to attend local and national music competitions.

ISTEIN also designs the group lessons as follows:

“Musical Journey”, ASA afterschool various instrumental Group Program

"Songbird" Choir, Youth Gospel & Jazz Choir

“We Got the Beat”, Kids Percussion Band Workshop

“Little Superstar”, Modern and Rock Bank Workshop

“Little Mozart”, pre-music class designed for children aged 4-6, a unique introduction to music

“Make It Fun”, ear training class

“Chamber Ensemble Class”, collaborate with other musicians and explore other instruments by playing music together

“Music Theory Class”, to give students a thorough understanding of building blocks of music.

Students in ISTEIN School of Music are encouraged to be creative, unique and innovative. Together we can find great inspiration in music, and be successful in every way!


ABOUT ISTEIN Afterschool Programs  

is a different kind of extended day afterschool program with unique featured music class, featured Chinese language class, featured music instruments daily basis practice help, multi-interest activities and funs plus free school pick-up. We enroll between the ages of Pre-K to 6th grade.

ISTIEN after school program is designed to not only help your children with their homework but offer them the opportunity to expand their knowledge, create friendships and have fun.  A daily snack is provided to all our students.  Our staff is comprised of caring and professional teachers/assistants whose main goal is to make sure your child has a rewarding experience while in our program.

After the completion of each student’s homework, our teachers/assistants will check to make sure your child's homework has been thoroughly completed with accuracy.  They are then required to complete worksheets which are supplied by our teachers to help them expand their current knowledge.  We also offer extracurricular activities such as arts and crafts, games, movies, computer and when the weather permits we go on outings to the local park.  We also offer a Mandarin Chinese class.  Even if your child has never learned the language previously, by the time they leave our program they will have a true grasp of the language.

ISTEIN is an innovative after school program with many different programs offered to suit your child’s needs. We focus on educational advancement with a concentration in the arts and music.  We offer your child a quality Chinese language program and have an enrichment program that is geared towards helping your children expand their current knowledge and help them advance far into the next grade level.   

ABOUT ISTEIN Enrichment Programs  

Little Winner Reading, Writing, Math Enrichment (Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade)

Reading and writing should be an enjoyable experience for your child, not a source of frustration and disappointment, especially when your child has only just started their fun, learning journey.

At ISTEIN Education, our reading and writing programs, which are carefully structured by our learning professionals, help your child enhance both their skills and their self-confidence towards meeting and exceeding grade-level standards. We really get to understand your child and your child’s interests, so that we may provide a personalized program that uniquely helps your child become a confident reader and writer. We are also using a well-balanced phonics and whole language based approach; as well as grade appropriate, individualized reading and writing tutoring sessions. Our students regularly participate in activities designed to improve their decoding, vocabulary, and literal and inferential comprehension skills. Individualized attention to each child’s specific needs is heavily emphasized. Class sizes average between 6 and 10 students. Diagnostic tests are administered on the first day of class to help determine proper placement of students based upon their skill level and age. Program recommendations by a student’s reading teacher are also be carefully considered. Our Reading/Writing Learning Enrichment program enhances a child’s natural curiosity, and engages them in exploratory learning that leads them towards skills mastery.

New York State Test Preparations (3rd Grade -5th Grade)

Through the close relationship built between our professionals and caring parents, ISTEIN Education has worked hard to provide all their students an easier pathway to success, while minimizing state testing anxiety. We have gathered skilled teaching professionals to help students to gain more information and better prepare for the New York State tests in each major subject (ELA, Math and Science for middle schools). For each subject, our teachers provide students with:

ü  Well-planned lessons

ü  Updated practice activities

ü  Proper amounts of student-oriented work

ü  Interactive learning games and individual consultations according to each student learning situations.

It is our obligation to ensure that our preparation is seamlessly integrated with the New York State tests so that our students are all fully prepared when their examination time comes. Our experienced teaching professionals always respond with great enthusiasm in our personal classroom environments where the focus is on learning and enrichment instead of just "teaching to the test." Also, our flexible class schedules are fully designed for the convenience of the students and their families in order to have an enjoyable learning experience for everyone. 


ABOUT ISTEIN Chinese Language Program  

Our Chinese classes are taught by very experienced and highly qualified professional teachers; most of them previously taught classes in China.  They will not only teach your children to speak and write in simplified Chinese but will also open and broaden their knowledge of the Chinese culture and lifestyle.  They will study the language in the traditional sense as in reading and writing but they will also be taught in an innovative way.  They will play Chinese games, they will have the opportunity to explore the language by hearing dialogue through broadcasts and plays and they will also study children's stories from abroad.

We teach:

  • Mandarin Chinese Pin Yin / Simplified Chinese characters
  • Small Group & Private Lesson
  • Focus on language application through singing, dancing, acting and recitation
  • Communication skills
  • Chinese traditions and cultures
  • Language and culture exchange event opportunities

To learn more about our programs you can call to schedule an appointment, or join us at our January open houses on Saturday, Jan. 14 or 21 from 10am-5pm.