Occupational Therapy for Productive Living

  • 75 Rockaway Ave
    Valley Stream, NY
  • Other Locations: 31 E. Merrick Road
    Valley Stream, NY
  • 516-612-4401
  • Categories: Therapy & Counselors
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Occupational Therapy for Productive Living, P.C., offers services for children and adults that help improve their abilities to perform daily tasks. Skilled pediatric therapists offer children services at home, clinic, or school that include evaluations, fine motor coordination training, sensory integration activities, social skills, self-care, and gross-motor coordination training, and more. For adults, OTFPL offers rehabilitation for conditions like Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, Rotator Cuff tears, Hemiplegia post stroke, and others. OTFPL aims to increase patient independence and quality of life. Located near public transportation, it provides patients with a warm and caring atmosphere.