Purchase Sports Camp at Manhattanville College

Open Houses! 

Join us for an Open House on Saturday, March 18th and Saturday, April 15th in the Richard A Berman Student Center from 2-4 PM, and Saturday, May 6th in the East Room in Benziger Hall from 2-4 PM. 

Purchase Sports Camp

A fun and safe place where top-notch coaches help children ages 3 – 15  of all skill levels feel at home and bring their game to the next level.

About Us

Purchase Sports Camp is located at the scenic campus of Manhattanville College. The outstanding facilities include 6 Har-Tru tennis courts located right next to the campus’s brand new state-of–the-art astroturf soccer field, outdoor basketball courts, an indoor pool, and an indoor gymnasium that can  be used for basketball and volleyball and will be used for rainy days.


We are currently planning for our Summer 2017 opening at the Manhattanville College Campus.
The 7-week camp will run from June 26th until August 11th from 9:00am-4:00pm
(additional fee for early drop-off (8:00am) and late pickup (5:00pm)).
Parents will also have the option of signing their children (3-4 year olds) up for half-days.

The summer will be broken up into seven sessions, and parents can sign their children up for whichever sessions they would like.

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Purchase Sports Camp







From beginner to advanced, come learn the skills of lacrosse or refine the skills you already have. A fun atmosphere that will provide opportunity for healthy competition. 


Whether your a beginner or have been cheering for some time, cheerleading is an exciting and fun sport that requires teamwork and commitment. If you’re learning “jumps and stunts” or doing “chants and cheers” our goal is to minimize fears, build confidence and have you understand the key to cheerleading is working as part of a TEAM!

Bring your spirit and smiles and learn the skills and thrills of CHEERLEADING! 

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Developing skills will be our primary focus: throwing, catching, fielding and batting. As the children progress we will get into understanding various plays. Out door batting cages are available on site so batting practice will be available on a regular basis to fine tune skills.  In the afternoons, the children will be able to practice what they have learned, play scrimmages and take part in other fun competitions. 

Purchase Sports Camp


In the mornings, we will work on establishing technique and improving skills through drills, point play and etiquette. The primary focus will be on developing the five strokes: forehands, backhands, serves, volleys, and overheads. In the afternoons, the children will have the opportunity to put together what they have learned, and engage in match-play. 

Purchase Sports Camp


This activity will serve as a way for the children to cool off during the day. This will be a non-instructional time for the campers, when they can just play with their friends and relax. 

Purchase Sports Camp

Field Sports 

During this activity, the campers will be able to choose what they would like to play. They will be able to choose from sports such as Pillo Polo, Frisbee, Volleyball, Capture the Flag, Soccer, and Flag Football.  

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Flag Football 

We will work on passing, catching, and running skills. This activity will involve a great deal of scrimmage play.  

Purchase Sports Camp


In the mornings, we will work on establishing technique through drills. The primary focus will be on developing ball handling skills: dribbling, passing, and shooting. In the afternoons, the children will be able to practice what they have learned throughout the day, and play in scrimmages and take part in other fun competitions.  

Purchase Sports Camp


In the mornings, we will work on developing technique through drills. The primary focus will be on ball handling skills, passing, trapping, and shooting. In the afternoons, the children will have scrimmages and various competitions, where they will be able to apply what they have learned in play settings.

About the Director 

Josh Schraeter
Josh is a partner of the Westchester Avenue Tennis Club and has been so for thirteen years. Previously, Josh has worked as the head pro at the Rye Racquet Club and the Quaker Ridge Golf Club. Josh is a long time resident of Westchester County, has raised his kids here, and has plenty of knowledge about the surrounding area. Offering a unique set of skills and plenty of experience, Josh has a Masters Degree in Physical Education and is a certified USPTA professional. He teaches private and group tennis lessons for boys, girls, and adults.

Join us for an open house on April 15 from 2-4pm in the Richard A. Berman Student Center at Manhattanville College, and on May 6, from 2-4pm in the East Room in Benziger Hall.