Sensory Street Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Sensory Street Pediatric


     Sensory Street Pediatric OT gives parents answers, hope and assurance that their children will get the best therapy to help reach goals to independence in performing daily activities.

  • We accept clients from various sources such as: Department of Education (e.g. RSA’s), Doctor Referrals and Walk-Ins, etc.
  • Our sessions are focused on using evidence based therapeutic approaches  that help improve physical, cognitive and social development
  • We treat the following diagnosis:   Developmental delay ,Learning Disabled, Attention Deficit  Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Fine and Gross Motor Coordination delays,  Dysgraphia/Handwriting difficulties,  Neurological disorders (e.g. Cerebral Palsy, Rett’s Syndrome).
  • Our kids develop and improve skills that help them with focusing, following instructions, interact with peers and adults appropriately, perform self-care tasks such as dressing, tying shoe laces, playing safely, write school assignments and so much more.
  • We are all about independence!
Sensory Street Pediatric


     Handwriting is an essential skill for children. Sensory Street Pediatric Occupational Therapy (SSPOT) gives parents and educational programs the opportunity to make sure handwriting is taught correctly to help with independence in completing written assignments at school and at results fast and are very happy with the level of confidence and improvements in their children’s handwriting. At Sensory Street, children improve their Pencil grasp, letter formation, letter size spacing between words, speed, copying assignments from near or far point. We offer FREE handwriting screenings. Contact us and visit our website for more information.                 

Sensory Street Pediatric

We offer special events, programs and get involved in all Brooklyn communities

     Occupational Therapy is about independence in daily activities.  At SSPOT, we offer workshops that help facilitate independence in the things children do every day (e.g. School, Play, Socialization, Self-Care and being active in their community).  We offer fun programs, workshops and special events when school is out (e.g. holidays, winter/spring recess, weekends).  Participants get to use all the skills needed to have fun at our workshops and events. Check out our website for the schedule of our upcoming events:  E.g. Halloween Sensational Haunted Experience, Open Sensory Gym, Movement Classes with live music, our “BiZzy Hands” arts and craft workshops, Parent and Child Sensory Motor Groups, Play Date with Ms. Bea and more. Our involvement in the community is very active. Sensory Street offers workshops for parents; educators and health professionals to share information about interesting topics that help improve students’ performance in daily activities.

Sensory Street Pediatric Sensory Street Pediatric

Plan Your Birthday at Sensory Street!

Your child and guests will not forget the “Sensational Birthday Experience” at SSPOT. We have amazing birthday activity packages that are planned out for children at all development levels. Our birthday parties give children the sensory experience that make them want to come back for more. Contact us to book your birthday or play date event.

Sensory Street Pediatric