Shinjinbukan New York Dojo

  • 250 West 57th St, Ste 528
    New York, NY
  • 917-400-9183
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Shorin Ryu -  Traditional Okinawan Karate

The Shinjinbukan School was founded in Okinawa, Japan. Our founder,Onaga Yoshimitsu Sensei carries the oldest lineage of Karate.  His teachings are based on Ti, the ancient Okinawan Martial Art, which preceded modern Karate.
The Shinjinbukan New York Shibu Dojo is an official recognized branch of the Shinjinbukan School in Okinawa.  Our goal is to preserve and promote the ancient Okinawan martial arts traditions.

The Shinjinbukan New York Branch is a private Dojo.  An appointment is required prior to visiting our Dojo.

For more information contact Sensei Jimmy Mora, or visit