Shippan Racquet Club, Kings Highway Tennis Club, Oak Hills Tennis Club

  • Shippan Racquet Club
    45 Harbor Drive, Stamford
    Kings Highway Tennis Club
    98 Old Kings Highway N., Darien
    Oak Hills Tennis Club
    165 Fillow Street, Norwalk

  • Categories: Sports Camp
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Looking to introduce your child to the sport of a lifetime this summer? Shippan Racquet Club, Kings Highway Tennis Club, and Oak Hills Tennis Club are pleased to announce that their annual children’s summer tennis camps will resume this year from June 18-August 24. The clubs offer a one-time, two-for-one discount for the first week of enrollment if your child signs up with a sibling or a friend. Ten percent discounts will apply on any additional week enrollments. For Oak Hills Tennis Club only, this offer applies strictly to the 10-and-under camp.