Spence Chapin Services Adoption

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Over one hundred years ago, Clara Spence and Alice and Dr. Henry Chapin started separate nurseries for babies who needed families.  These two organizations grew out of the founders’ concern for abandoned babies and a belief in the advantages of early home care for infants.   Our long history of responding to changing conditions in child welfare continually informs our comprehensive services and counseling.  We offer building blocks of education and support at every milestone to all members of the adoption constellation: adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents, and biological and birth siblings.

Our services, programs, and resources include:

  • Birth Parent Services
  • Interim Care Domestic Infants
  • Adoption Resource Center provides counseling for all members of the adoption constellation
  • Domestic and International Adoption Programs
  • Special Needs Adoption Program
  • Foster-Adoption Counseling Education and Support
  • Background, Search, and Reunion Counseling and Services
  • Humanitarian Services for Children in Overseas Orphanages
  • Partnerships and Policy Initiatives