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Village East Gifted

Village East Gifted Village East Gifted Village East Gifted

Village East Gifted is an enrichment program designed for those students
who yearn for more challenging and creative enrichment experiences
outside the classroom.

Our program provides gifted students with a place to go where they can be themselves. The dynamics of each age grouping establishes the pace, teaching approach and scope of classroom lessons and cooperative projects. Our students learn about the world around them from their perspective, at their pace and in as much depth as their minds determine.

Village East Gifted  Grades 3-4 Singing the ASAP Periodic Table Song

The Gifted Child
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Village East Gifted Village East Gifted Village East Gifted

Our Programs

Gifted Kindergarten
Phillips RBM Approach®?("Reawakening Brilliant Minds")

Village East Gifted Village East Gifted Village East Gifted

Program Overview

The Gifted Kindergarten is an intellectually and creatively rigorous program that is "100% Academic". Students can attend up to five half days a week; each day consisting of three hours of instruction. The program is held in both the Huntington and Roslyn locations. Through the utilization of the Phillips RBM Approach®, an accelerated gifted curriculum is presented covering all academic subjects.

Village East Gifted begins teaching its gifted learners at four years of age when learning comes easily and new knowledge is seldom forgotten. Through VEG's unique dialectical practices, our students learn to write and verbally articulate their complex thoughts before they have even mastered the written word. VEG teaches its students and their families to "never underestimate the abilities of gifted children".

All new lessons are introduced at the middle school level to determine our kindergartener's highest point of comprehension. Utilizing the Phillips RBM Approach®, our gifted learners are continuously refreshed, engaged, academically challenged and forever "entertained" by the unique "competition-style" of the classes. Though we provide ample seating, most of our students rarely sit down. There are wheels to spin, points to be earned and unique, strategic games in which to participate. There is always a sense of 'academic spontaneity' in the air… yet, our feet are firmly on the ground."

After-School Enrichment

Village East Gifted holds enrichment classes after-school, evenings, over school vacations, weekends and throughout the summer. There are two semesters per academic year and a summer program offering enrichment topics and special courses. The school year sessions begin in September and end in June. The summer program runs from June through September. All age groupings (classes) run for two-three hours once a week. Writing workshops are offered after many classes. Class-size and schedule permitting, two classes per semester can be "made up" by attending another same age grouping during the same session.

VEG implements a challenging, writing-based, continuous, after-school enrichment curriculum for gifted and talented students ages 4-18. All VEG students are required to actively engage in the continuous Village East Gifted Core Curriculum in writing, grammar and syntax, which are creatively integrated into every academic subject.

Utilizing the Phillips RBM Approach, new CORE curriculum is continuously presented in the follow curriculum units: Latin, World Geography, Global History, Creative Writing, Advanced Grammar/Syntax, Essay Writing and Editing, Digital Microbiology, Living Science, Earth Science, Molecular Biology, Cyber-Research Methodologies, Anatomy/Pre-Med Ed, Advanced Mathematics, SAT ASAP, Public Speaking, AP Study Skills, Computer Programming, Creative Problem-Solving Lateral Thinking Activities and American Sign Language.

The VEG program offers the following enrichment classes:

  • CORE: writing, grammar, linguistics, Latin, social studies, SAT vocabulary, orthography, global studies, geography, public speaking, creative problem-solving, essay writing, idea sequencing, research and study skills, and American sign language.
  • STEM: advanced mathematics, technology, engineering, astronomy, spaceflight, microbiology, robotics, environmental studies, filmmaking and earth science.
  • ART: art history, ceramics, drawing, painting, batik techniques and printmaking.
  • WRITING WORKSHOP: grammar, syntax, individualized instruction in essay writing, data research and collection, fine editing, outlines, journalism, creative writing, research reports.
Village East Gifted Village East Gifted

After-School Enrichment Programs:

Early Accelerated Academics for Gifted Learners in Grades Nursery through Kindergarten(NK)

Grades 1-2 CORE Curriculum          Grades 3-4 CORE Curriculum                                  

Grades 5-6 CORE Curriculum          Grades 7-9 CORE Curriculum          

Continuous Writing Curriculum         One-Hour Writing Workshops

Advanced Geography                     The Sciences and Technology

Grades 9-12 CORE Curriculum        SAT ASAP

SAT: Ivy League Essays                SAT: Ivy League Vocabulary           

Advanced Etymology                      Odyssey of the Mind Competition

Village East Gifted Village East Gifted Village East Gifted

STEM Program 

Village East Gifted Village East Gifted Village East Gifted

Village East Gifted® (VEG) STEM curriculum is designed specifically for gifted and talented learners in gradesK-12. All topics and interactive workshops are presented at the "global" level rather than by grade or age of the participants. Accordingly, Village East Gifted® trademarked Phillips RBM (Reawakening Brilliant Minds) Approach® implements the same curriculum to all ages. The "highest level of comprehension" in each class determines the instructional level of every STEM project. Additionally, the approach effectively introduces intricate concepts and engages the students in hands-on, self-directed explorations by simultaneously stimulating their multiple intelligences.

The VEG STEM workshops encourage the students to draw on the "natural connections between scientific and engineering methods to engage them in a more technical exploration of traditional science lessons. Using the iterative process, "decisions or desired results are derived by repeating rounds of analysis or operations bring the result closer to the discovery with each repetition".

Art Classes

Multicultural Symbolism: 2D/3D Art Mediums

Village East Gifted  Village East Gifted

This accelerated, multicultural art curriculum offers the opportunity for gifted young artists, in grades K-2 and 3-5, to analyze the symbolism and techniques of famous artists and the cultural and personal connections reflected in their works. The students engage in a variety of art forms including ceramics, drawing, painting, batik techniques and printmaking to creatively communicate their thoughts and opinions about the world in which they live. Most of the curriculum and lessons are currently taught on the high school level. Accordingly, differentiated instruction is implemented utilizing VEG's trademarked Phillips RBM Approach® allowing gifted young artists to study art history, theory and practice at their highest level of comprehension and performance.

Village East Gifted Phrontistery now open! 

Village East Gifted

Our students now have a creative and inspiring place "in the woods" within their own classroom. Yes...nestled within an indoor forest of beautiful birch trees is a serene "place of study" in the form of a tree house made from reclaimed wood that can hold up to ten students. Check out the pictures of our students posing for a shot of their first visit and then working in their own little "rooms." The Phrontistery is not intended for "play" but rather used for cooperative projects, laptop computer research or independent writing assignments. Students of all ages can climb in and submerse themselves in their work. The only problem is, our students don't want to stop working because they would have to leave their special place. Not a bad problem to have...

Weekend Enrichment

Village East Gifted provides after-school enrichment and private tutoring on weekends. Saturday and Sunday are considered "VEG School Days". Most grade groupings have the opportunity to attend classes on weekends and/or weekdays. Village East Gifted's mission is to enrich every qualified, gifted child that comes our way. Working parents often prefer that their children attend classes on weekends so they can be a part of their child's enrichment experience

Our Founder

Village East Gifted has exceptional educators who have been teaching gifted and talented students for up to thirty-five years. Each teacher implements the VEG Core Curriculum as well as their own curriculum areas of expertise. Many classes have VEG Mentors that work with the teachers in the classroom. Our Mentors are VEG Alumni that are hired staff and serve as invaluable role models for the students.

Village East Gifted

Tobi J. Phillips,
Ed. D. (cert), Headmaster, Founder of Village East Gifted, Inc.

Professional Profile

Ms. Tobi Phillips has been teaching students in grades K-12 for over 35 years. She received her B.A. from Ithaca College with a double major in Vocal Music and Anthropology. She earned three masters from Boston College: M.A., M.Ed., Masters in Special Education and Education of the Blind and Visually Impaired. She was accepted into the doctoral program at Teachers College, Columbia University where she became Ed. D. certified in Instructional Technology.

Our Educators

Village East Gifted has exceptional educators who have been teaching gifted and talented students for up to thirty years. Each teacher implements the VEG Core Curriculum as well as their own curriculum areas of expertise. Many classes have VEG Mentors that work with the teachers. Many of our educators have "Mentors", VEG Alumni, who have been with the program for at least six years and have joined the staff serving as invaluable role models for the students.

About Us

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Our Programs

Our rigorous academic program is designed for brilliant students, ages 4 to 18, who yearn for more challenging and creative learning experiences outside the classroom. Classes are offered during the day (VEG Gifted Kindergarten), after school, on weekends and over the summer. Our participants evolve into “intellectually satisfied'” young scholars knowing that all their questions have been answered, subliminally instilling a renewed faith in intellectual challenge. Our trademarked, writing-based lessons constantly change, offering advanced subject areas while close attention is paid to the perfection of grammar, organizational skills and research strategies.

Meet the Director

Tobi J. Phillips, Ed.D. (certified), is the founder and director of Village East Gifted, Inc., an after-school enrichment program for gifted and talented students ages 4-18. The teachers utilize Ms. Phillips' trademarked RBM teaching approach to actively engage its gifted students in advanced studies in all academic subjects. Since its inception in 2007, more than 300 students have enrolled in its programs with locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Classes are offered seven days a week. A gifted kindergarten is open to qualified preschoolers and kindergartners.