Art Classes and Programs for Kids in Manhattan, NYC

Art Classes and Programs for Kids in Manhattan, NYC


Art Classes and Programs for Kids in Manhattan, NYC

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UPDATED JULY 2015: Does your child have a knack for drawing or painting? Enrolling your child in art lessons can help them develop their talents. Here's a list of art studios in Manhattan that offers art classes for kids in New York City, including studios in TirBeCa, SoHo, Greenwich Village, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, and Midtown.

21 W. 39th Street, Manhattan

The Fashion Class provides fashion design and sewing classes for kids! Children as young as six years old can join a class after school or on weekends and learn to use a real sewing machine! All of our machines are equipped with sewing speed control and needle guards. The Fashion Class also offers Teen Classes for ages 13-17. Each term ends with a free professional fashion show to showcase the students' hard work as they model their creations down a 24' light-up runway!

313 E. 61st Street, New York

They will get messy, they will have fun, they will create, and they will experiment-with colors, shapes, texture in sculpting, drawing, painting, sketching, and much more. Our art classes are designed to help your little artist discover their inner Picasso in them, while allowing their own unique personality to flourish and thrive. Classes focus on creating, through intense multimedia artistic expressions: innovative thinkers, problem solvers, effective communicators, creative entrepreneurs, emotionally balanced healthy minds, as well as sharing and caring individuals-the leaders of our future!

100 Thompson St. , Manhattan

LUNESSA Jewelry Classes are led by real jewelry designers in our SoHo Boutique, perfect for ages 7 and older. Our super sparkly classes include special jewelry making projects, professional instruction, and finishing, and all materials. We offer a sparkling array of genuine crystals, pearls, semi-precious gemstones, and sterling silver components - and students make their own "Real" jewelry - similar to pieces we sell in our shop!Check the website for upcoming classes and workshops.

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