See ‘Dinosaurs Among Us’ at the American Museum of Natural History
By Samantha Neudorf

See ‘Dinosaurs Among Us’ at the American Museum of Natural History

March 18, 2016   |   Family Outings  

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but some would argue that they still exist today—they’ve just evolved into birds.

The American Museum of Natural History is known for its dinosaur presentations, including the fourth floor Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs and Saurischian Dinosaurs, and the recent addition of a 122-foot-long replica of the Titanosaur. On March 21, the museum will debut a new exhibit called “Dinosaurs Among Us.”

The exhibit will explore the uncanny similarities between dinosaurs and today’s birds, including comparisons of their features, wishbones, brains, and respiratory systems.

“The idea that birds are dinosaurs isn’t a new one—it was first proposed by Thomas Huxley about 150 years ago,” Michael Novacek, AMNH senior vice president and provost for science said in a statement. “But now it’s taken on a whole new dimension as different technologies, and as a result, different ideas, are being applied to the field.”

The exhibit offers a chance to view fossils of feathered, extinct dinosaurs such as the Yutyrannus huali and Anchiornis huxley with indepth breakdowns of the bird and dinosaur’s bones, beak, claws, feathers, eggs, and more.

“Dinosaurs Among Us” will be only display through January 2, 2017.

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Main image: A Yutyrannus huali, one of the dinosaurs part of the exhibit
Photo courtesy American Museum of Natural History