Sherkow Center (The)


The Sherkow Center provides resources for children and adolescents on the autism spectrum, recognizing the need for a psychodynamic approach to a neurobiological disorder. We offer support services to the families and professionals who care for them, including parent groups, mother/baby groups, workshops for professional development, groups for children and teens, the “Spark” program, and in-house training for faculty and clinicians at schools for children with special needs.

We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the optimal development of children, adolescents, and their families.

Our Unique Approach

Education and Treatment:

We advocate for making a psychodynamic approach to Developmental delays and Autism Spectrum Disorder an essential component of every treatment protocol.

We promote the scientific evidence for brain plasticity with regard to attachment-based and psychodynamic-based interventions.

We encourage pediatricians, diagnosticians and health care professionals to include psychological counseling at the point of diagnoses and as part of early intervention.

We support research in clinical efficacy, Group Support Services and Counseling

For parents who have concerns about their infant’s and toddler’s development; whose children are newly diagnosed; whose children or adolescents already carry a diagnosis.

For children and adolescent, groups focusing on helping each child and his parents manage his changing needs as he moves along his developmental trajectory.

Our Unique Programs

Mother/Child Groups:

Mother/baby and mother/toddler groups meet regularly at the Center to explore the profound impact an ASD diagnosis has on the mother-child relationship, helping each mother make meaning of her child’s behavior and helping each child feel understood.

Parent Counseling Groups:
Counseling groups for parents of all are children and adolescents meet regularly.

Spark Youth Group:

Spark is a dynamic socialization group for children with developmental differences. It uniquely incorporates aged-matched typical peers as buddies to serve as models, mentors, and friends.
Interactive Groups for Children and Adolescents

We customize groups to fit the needs of each individual.

Professional Development:

We offer monthly workshops for professionals who teach and/or treat ASD children, bringing our psychodynamic principles and techniques to their classrooms and teams.
Developmental Evaluations. We also offer developmental, cognitive and ADOS evaluations

Mother and Baby Groups: Exploring the impact on mother-child relationship of a diagnosis of ASD or uneven development. Spark Group: A socialization group for children with developmental differences. Unique in that it incorporates typical peers as buddies to serve as mentors and friends. Education: Workshops for parents and professionals who teach and treat children with ASD; for pre- and post-doctoral students and specialists in play therapy with children. Beyond Diagnosis: Advises pediatricians, clinicians, and service providers about the importance of including psychodynamic therapy in treatment protocol.