A Summer at Soul Arts


A Summer At Soul Arts is a thrilling adventure in visual and performance art for kids age 4-13 guaranteed to create memories to last a lifetime.

Through Dance, Music, Art, Acting, Storytelling, Yoga, Swimming, Kayaking, Martial Arts, Nature, Free Play, Magic & More in weekly age-appropriate and exciting workshops, children unleash their unique creative voice free from limits and judgment.

Soul Arts’ caring, experienced instructors, weekly Field Trips and Visiting Arts Professionals help make each day a vibrant journey of discovery, here, in the most inspiring city in the world!

SESSION 1 - June 30 to July 4 - "GOTHAM CITY ROCKS" 

Our town sounds different than anywhere in the world.  Together, we explore the exciting din that makes us unique, using art, music and movement.   From jamming with live bands to playing and creating our own Street Musicians Toolbox; from creating scenes to a Super Hero Rock Opera from our own lives;  from sampling different city cultures to our Visiting Arts Professionals from the Pop Charts to Motown - we'll get this party started with a thrilling first week of glam, glitter, grit and games!

SESSION 2 - July 7 - 11 - "RHYTHM NATION"

Savion Glover, the master of America's homegrown art form, kicks off this session with a lively exploration of how tap is part of our shared history and daily life.  We'll explore how art with roots in other soil can create change in our own world.  We'll celebrate our own rites of passage using all our creative resources: developing tribal rituals and headdresses; filming short movies and making cool instruments; combining athletics and dance; this lively week will have our young travelers exploring the whole world right in our own backyard!

SESSION 3 - July 14 - 18 - "FLYIN' HIGH"

Soul Arts takes to the skies at the Trapeze School.  All week long, we'll investigate space with our bodies, using the physics of strings and balance, pyramids and improvisational games.  Team building and trust are part of this action-packed week as we all practice soaring in every way!

SESSION 4 - July 21 - 25 - "MIGHTY CHILL"

Our strongest focus comes from a relaxed mind.  This week, we grow our inner riches through sport, dance and creative kinetics.  We’ll learn the martial art of Tai Chi and Yoga, mindful meditation, Ninja arts and Stealth Street Spy Techniques.  We’ll visit the Rubin museum and explore Asian Art.  We’ll take our popular annual Kayaking class on the Hudson to investigate resistance and flow… and how fun it is to be one with the water.  Peace out!

SESSION 5 - July 28 - August 1 - "RAZZMAJAZZ"

This week, Broadway star and Visiting Arts Professional Everett Bradley returns to Soul Arts to share his amazing musical gifts.  He'll tell the backstage story of his hit show, "After Midnight" and then we'll all go to this “heart-pounding new musical that brings the glamour of Harlem's Golden Age to a whole new generation, featuring music by Wynton Marsalis”.  In field trips and studio time, we'll explore and create jazz in music, art and fierce, flowing movement to make our own modern masterpieces!

SESSION 6 - August 4 - 8 -  "THE BLOB MOB"

Join the messiest, stickiest session of all!  Our art will deal with shadows, swirls and exploding spores, like the mushroom that Pilobolus Dance Company is named after.  We’ll see their latest dance program and create our own shapes as widely and wildly as we can.  Team building exercises and drama teachers will help us put on a play using every piece of costume and craft we have.  It’s our zaniest week – full on fun!

A summer at Soul Arts is a thrilling adventure in visual and performance art for kids ages 4-13, guaranteed to create memories to last a lifetime. Through dance, music, art, acting, storytelling, yoga, swimming, kayaking, martial arts, nature, free play, magic, and more—in weekly age-appropriate and exciting workshops—children unleash their unique, creative voices, free from limits and judgment. Soul Arts Academy's caring, experienced instructors, weekly field trips, and visiting arts professionals, help make each day a vibrant journey of discovery...here, in the most inspiring city in the world!

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