École Internationale de New York (EINY)

EINY is the only independent, French-American international school located in Gramercy. This international institution offers an academic bilingual program in French and English to students aged 3-11, from nursery through fifth grade.

In September 2013, the school will open its international middle school section with the 6th grade class. In September 2014, the school will open the 7th and 8th grade classes. The international middle school will also offer a French/English bilingual program, will continue the Mandarin program and will integrate Spanish as a fourth language.

The school is fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education and is affiliated with the Mission Laïque Française that has a network of 25 French international schools in the United States. EINY combines the rigor of France’s curriculum and the American emphasis on independent thinking with an international perspective. Teachers are certified from the French or American educational system.

École Internationale de New York is a French-American international school that offering an academic, bilingual program in French and English for nursery to seventh grade students. Mandarin begins in third grade and Spanish is taught in the middle school section. In September 2014, the school expanded its preschool section. In September 2015, it will open the eighth grade class in its new international middle school section. EINY combines the best of both French and American educational systems, offering students the rigorous, more classical instruction of French education, and the inquiry-based teaching of the American system.

Meet the Camp Director

Ecole International's goal "is to teach both French and English programs dictated by the national core program and New York State curriculum," says school co-founder and director Yves Rivaud. "We teach in French two-thirds of the time, and in English one-third of the time." The school's core subjects include math, science, English language arts, French reading, social studies, history, and geography. All classes have two teachers, one French and one American, who work as a team. "We want students to have all they need to become bilingual within a few years," Rivaud says.