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Bach To Rock is the Music School for students of all ages. B2R’s unique method is based on the knowledge that students learn best when they join together to play the music they like the most. That’s why we use special arrangements of current pop and rock classics and combine individual lessons with band instruction. Weekly “jam sessions” lead to Battles of the Bands and recording sessions in B2R Studios, our own professional recording facilities. B2R also holds regularly scheduled public concerts that encourage students to become seasoned performers. These creative group activities foster teamwork, build self-esteem and motivate students to perfect their musicianship through independent practice.

B2R isn't just an ordinary music school

We have fun! At B2R, we believe that learning to play music should be fun; after all, it’s called “play” for a reason! That’s why B2R's unique curriculum couples rigorous individual instruction with band “jam sessions,” making students motivated by playing in a group. Like sports, a band builds teamwork, develops social skills, fosters self-esteem, promotes peer recognition and leads to lasting friendships.



The B2R Method. In our music schools, we use an innovative approach to music instruction based on the belief that everyone learns faster playing the music they like, whether it’s rock or Bach, and the technical foundation is the same. Teachers at B2R use special age and skill appropriate arrangements so that students can begin playing songs in no time. Students are motivated to learn when they see early results and have an exciting, achievable goal.


Lifelong skill. B2R gives kids an experience to last a lifetime! Musical skills lead to years of pleasure and fulfillment. Young people are enriched by their musical accomplishments for the rest of their lives. Some become professionals, but most achieve great satisfaction playing for their friends at social gatherings or performing together with their friends in bands that become a rewarding creative pastime.



We start them young! You’re never too young to play and create music. Introducing toddlers and very young children to music, rhythm and motion supports cognitive development, learning and motor skills. B2R Early Childhood classes combine structured musical games and activities to promote learning and musical growth and expose children to the fundamentals of music.

B2R Programs

B2R offers individual music lessons on a variety of instruments, as well as voice lessons. At B2R, we teach music theory by employing both traditional and innovative techniques to help kids develop their music skills. Individual music lessons are just a part of our comprehensive music program. Playing in a band and participating in jam sessions are also key components of our curriculum and music program. When students have achieved basic skills with an instrument, they are eligible to join a band — and we encourage them to do so. We match the playing level of the student with the appropriate band. Our students also have access to a professional recording studio at every site. Our curriculum in recording arts and audio technology program includes classes in both theory and practice. 




Individual Lessons

The greatest hurdle in the study of music is its solitary nature. It’s hard to expect active young people to devote a half hour or more each day to practice by themselves... more 


Group Classes

In B2R group classes, students learn how to play their instrument in a stimulating team-based environment. The healthy camaraderie and competition that... more 


Rock Band

The special excitement about music training at Bach to Rock comes from students playing together in bands. Our professional band coaches work closely with... more


B2R Glee Club

Bach to Rock is proud to announce the B2R Glee Club! Inspired by the television sensation, this premier choral ensemble offers a dynamic atmosphere for male and female students to... more


Rock City

Whether they're a budding rock-star or an aspiring classical soloist, Rock City is the place to find real music education for your 3 - 5 year old. Through dynamic musical and... more


Kids n Keys

For kids 5 - 6 years old, Kids n Keys introduces children to the fundamentals of music and piano playing in a fun group-setting... more 



Summer, Spring & Winter Camps

We believe that learning to play music should be fun, it’s called “play” for a reason! B2R offers a multitude of summer camps that cover a wide range of interests and skill levels... more


B2R Studios and Recording Arts: Pro Tools & Production

From beginners of all ages to seasoned pros, B2R Studios has courses, programs and state-of-the-art facilities to expand your technical skills and develop creativity... more


Birthday Parties

For kids 4 and up, Bach To Rock offers musical birthday parties. Everybody dances and sings, even parents. Ninety minutes from start to finish. Children are actively involved in... more 

Bach To Rock offers several services for children with special needs. We provide both Music Therapy and Adaptive Music Lessons. Music Therapy has been shown to help children with special needs by using music to improve communication skills, social interaction and cognitive skills. Most of all it's fun! Our services for children with special needs offer a variety of programs to help enhance students' lives and allow students to have a fun, rich musical experience!

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