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Celebrate with family and friends in our spacious and colorful party rooms.  All you bring are the guests and the cake!

Our Birthday Parties....

Wouldn’t it be great to see your child engaging in fun activities, celebrating with friends and family? There is no better way to experience one of the most memorable Long Island children's parties than by giving your child an event-filled, professionally planned party. If this sounds like a great birthday idea, Chilibeans Party Place can create any type of birthday celebration for children. We specialize in hosting private First Birthday Parties, as well as birthday parties for preschool and school-aged children through age 9.   Our new Disco and Dance parties are perfect for tweens.


Put children and fun first....
The Chilibeans Party Place incorporates a combination of hands-on experiences, and customized party itineraries to create age-appropriate birthday parties parents know their children will love. Chilibeans Party Place will consult with parents to create a customized birthday gathering that will cater to the child’s interests, while allowing all members of the birthday celebration to feel special. We have any excellent party place for kids near Queens.

Having personal knowledge of their children’s passions and interests, even at a very young age, parents can help foster their children’s talents by selecting birthday experiences that encourage physical, intellectual and social growth such as:

- Carnival Games
- Crafts
- Musical Fun
- Playroom Time
- Story Lady

Specialized party add-ons provide great opportunities for a photo-filled event. Some of our additional party services include:

- Face Painting
- Group Photos
- Treat Bags

Fun for Little Ones, Older Ones, & Tweens!
Our specially-designed playrooms and optional customized add on(s) help make a First Birthday Party or Preschool Party or party for children through age 9 a developmentally-appropriate, fun-filled event. Understanding children have different needs, Chilibeans Party Place has two playroom areas: the Tumble Tots and the Rock and Roll playrooms.  Little ones and older ones love both rooms. Party leaders monitor each playroom and parents can rest assured knowing their child and his or her guests are playing in a safe and sanitized environment.  Equipment is well-maintained, safety checked and always in operational order; allowing parents to relax and enjoy their child’s birthday celebration. After all, birthday memories are only made once a year.

Spacious, bright and beautifully decorated Party Rooms!

When the playtime is done, sing Happy Birthday and enjoy your party refreshments in a comfortable, sociable party room.  Your party leaders will serve your cake, bag your gifts,  and take care of all the clean up. 

Book Your Party Today
To book your child’s birthday party, parents can contact Chilibeans Party Place by calling (516) 680 - 3024 or by emailing us at . Party appointments fill-up quickly! Call today to ensure your chosen date is available. We have fun playrooms for children here in NY.

Fun-filled, private, and affordable children’s birthday parties are our specialty! Children, family, and friends celebrate first through 10th birthdays in a spacious and beautifully decorated party environment. Bouncers, Legos, soft play items, a tree house, hungry hippo, rock-climbing wall, jungle gym, and Wii games. Crafts, music fun, the Story Lady, karaoke, and our own special carnival are exciting add-ons. Visit

Meet the Director

Unforgettable children�s birthday parties are our specialty! Children, family, and friends celebrate 1st through 10th birthdays in a spacious and cheerful party environment. Bouncers, soft play items, tree house, hungry hippo, rock climbing wall, jungle gym, and Wii games on two huge flat screen TVs are only the beginning. Crafts, music fun, the Story Lady, karaoke, dance party, and our own special Carnival are exciting add-ons. Affordable party packages! Visit or call for more information.

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