Eye Level

Avoid summer brain drain! The National Summer Learning Association explains that students can lose two to three 3 months of learned material, over the summer. Programs like Eye Level place a high importance on fun and positive experiences for students. Summer work doesn’t have to mean hours of endless worksheets completed alone. Our members are passionate about our program and their work, while being devoted to your children. Summer classes at Eye Level will benefit your child not only from loss of knowledge, but allow them to gain knowledge for the new school year!

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  • Other Locations: Eye Level of Williston Park
    61 Hillside Ave., Williston Park
    Eye Level of Port Washington
    59 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Port Washington
    Eye Level of Hicksville
    760 S.Boadway, Hicksville
    Eye Level of Malverne
    304 Hempstead Ave., Malverne
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