Great Play of Woodmere

Great Play is a unique new gym for kids, where Players ages 6 months to 12 years have fun developing motor skills and sport skills in an exciting Interactive Arena.  The Great Play environment is a high-tech, engaging, clean, safe space for kids to have fun, explore their abilities and learn new ones. A network of computers, 8 projectors, video sensors, and a directional sound system combine to make it a truly unique experience for young players develop motor skills!

Young Players develop motor skills alongside our much-loved animated mascot Buddy. Our classes unfold as stories, taking the Players on a journey. For instance an obstacle course becomes a “hike through the woods.” And our games turn practicing a new skill into play – for instance our interactive throwing walls let players throw a ball into a street scene that response with surprise animations at each throw, Players “practice” endlessly without it ever seeming like practice at all. Older Players have instruction aided with visual breakdowns of skills; play games in cheering stadiums; and break virtual bottles on the wall to practice throwing, for instance.

For our sports classes we use a proprietary teaching method, which divides complex skills (such as a basketball shot or a baseball throw) into a number of discreet steps or levels. At Great Play, Players are in the game – literally. Being in our Interactive Arena is like being immersed in a game! But the idea of getting in the game also extends beyond our Arena. We believe every child should have the desire, confidence and skills to get in the game anytime, whether in the neighborhood, at school, in the local leagues, or beyond.

Also try our fantasitc Play and Sport Birthday Parties!

Themes include: Multi-sport ( ages 4 - 10) Field Day (ages 3-10) and Fun and Games (ages 1-6)

Join us at our Open House August 23, and 25-27. Try out some of our unique games and activities that turn physical development into play!