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JEI: For Grades Pre K - 9
JEI has a scientific computer diagnostic system. It pinpoints the missing links in learning, and prescribes an individual study program based on specific needs.

Its purpose is to maximize the student’s potential, improve academic achievement, and build confidence.

The JEI Self-Learning Method Will:

  • Find a comfortable starting point for each child.
  • Help students learn at an individual pace.
  • Promote self-learning within the individual’s concentration span.
  • Aid students to learn daily.
  • Help students build confidence in Math and English (ELA).

JEI Learning Center provides supplemental education, and enrichment learning and tutoring for children ages 3-14 in English (ELA), Math, Problem Solving Math, Reading & Writing and Lil' Genius for children ages 3-5.

Lil' Genius is an early childhood education program for age groups that range from 3 to 5 years old. This program is designed to help improve creativity, critical thinking and communication skills while preparing your children for school and life.  The program utilizes SMART technology to reinforce a child’s communication, creativity and critical thinking skills that will carry over into the home and school settings.

In addition, we also offer the following programs:

Multi-Day Preschool Alternative, Gifted & Talented Test Prep., Afterschool, Summer Camp, Private Tutoring, and New York State Wide Mathematcis and English Language Arts Preparation (Common Core Learning Standards)


Are JEI programs aligned with the Common Core?

JEI Math is more than 90% aligned with the Common Core

JEI English and Reading & Writing together is aligned with the Common Core English

JEI Learning Center’s enrichment programs have helped children achieve academic success around the world. Well-aligned with Common Core state standards, JEI curriculum focuses on conceptual understanding of math, English and reading and writing for children in pre-kindergarten through ninth grade. JEI has a diagnostic system which pinpoints the missing links in learning and prescribes an individual program based on specific needs. We also offer holiday and summer programs. Please call us for our program discounts.