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Child Mind Institute

 The Child Mind Institute is dedicated to transforming mental health care for children everywhere. Founded by Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz and Brooke Garber Neidich, the organization is committed to finding more effective treatments for childhood psychiatric and learning disorders, building the science of healthy brain development, and empowering children and their families with help, hope, and answers. The Child Mind Institute does not accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry. To learn more, visit childmind.org.


Child Mind Institute Articles (6)

Of 17.1 Million Mentally Ill Kids, Most Are Not Getting Treated

The Child Mind Institute released the first annual Children’s Mental Health Report, which synthesizes the most important data on the prevalence of mental illness in children and the gap between need and care. The report shows that the majority of kids aren't getting treated.

May. 04, 2015

How to Help Your Child With Special Needs Make Friends

Friends are essential to a happy life as they enrich our lives, boost self-esteem, and can provide moral support. Help your children make friends and create good relationships in an effective and encouraging way with advice from The Child Mind Institute.

Jan. 31, 2013

Off We Go: Traveling Tips For A Child Who Has Special Needs

Traveling with your child who has special needs might not be easy, but it’s essential. Take control of your trip and keep your head held high. The Child Mind Institute offers tips and tricks to make traveling with a child who has special needs a rewarding experience for the whole family.

Jul. 02, 2012

Dreams Delayed

When your child has autism or other developmental delays, he won’t conform to a typical schedule of milestones—and hopes you had envisioned for him may come true later than you imagined. Here are six pieces of advice, from parents who’ve been there, on adjusting to a child’s limitations.

Feb. 10, 2012

How to Recognize Signs of an Eating Disorder

Does your teen see herself as fat when she’s not—and measure her self-worth by her weight? Learn the early warning signs of eating disorders (perhaps surprisingly, for boys as well as girls).

Jan. 06, 2012

How to Talk to Kids About Your Child's Special Needs

Talking about your child's special needs to peers is the best way to help them understand your child. Here are a few tips from Child Mind Institute about talking to children about psychiatric, developmental, and learning disorders.

Sep. 28, 2011

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