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Joe Lugara
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Toys 'R' Large in Times Square
by Joe Lugara - December 21, 2001

If your kids are really eager to make the rounds on a Ferris wheel this winter, and just can't wait for the theme parks and shore points to open next season, you can haul them over to Times Square.

Queens Teens 'Beat the Odds'
by Joe Lugara - December 21, 2001

Queens teens Joshua Alex Irizarry and Shekhinah Louise Jay have had challenges dealt to them, and both have come out on top.

“Treating children with the respect they’re due.”Theatreworks shines for its 14th summer
by Joe Lugara - August 21, 2002

Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in 1938, Patricia MacLachlan carries a small bag of prairie dirt with her wherever she goes — a reminder of both her birthplace and the setting of her popular novel of 19th-century rural America, Sarah, Plain and Tall.

Hey girls, play ball! (Or squash or tennis)
by Joe Lugara - August 21, 2002

Not so very long ago, young female athletes only had a pick of a handful of sports. Not any more. Recognizing the wider menu of choices, Power Play, NYC, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and empowering girls through sports, has published the 2002 New York City Girls Sports Directory.

NYC’s Public Elementary Schools:Which are the Best?
by Joe Lugara - August 21, 2002

It's not easy, really, to make judgments, even when established criteria exist. Schools are frequently assessed for quality by their test scores.

Wonders, off-shore
by Joe Lugara - August 21, 2002

New Yorkers themselves see their city all the time, and yet they seldom see it; the habit of not looking up is so inbred, a lot gets missed. By simply being far enough away, residents from the boroughs and New Jersey end up spying some of the choicest views.

Interactive TV -The New Mass Media in the Classroom
by Joe Lugara - August 21, 2002

Gone are the days of homework assignments that required watching a TV show and then writing a reaction paper. Now, kids can get instant info and can respond on the spot — all through the TV remote.

Making Memories
by Joe Lugara - August 21, 2001

The process involved in recalling small details, like where your car keys are, or significant events, like the Kennedy assassination, are taken equally for granted by most of us. We tend to notice human memory only when it doesn't work.

The City's Heartbeat: Life of the City
by Joe Lugara - April 21, 2002

Despite the September 11 terrorist attacks, a sizeable part of New York's charm continues to lie in the varied and rich impressions embraced by its residents and visitors. Some romanticize it; others forever stamp it as gritty and psychologically right-angled.

Moms and margaritas: 'Happy Hour' in the City
by Joe Lugara - April 21, 2002

As the world's most picturesque, quirky, elegant, tough, gorgeous and emotional city, New York has probably served as best friend to more filmmakers than any other single location. Woody Allen has looked at it one way, Spike Lee another, Sidney Lumet yet another. Now Ilya Chaiken has chipped in with her own very individual perspective.

Is there anybody out there?
by Joe Lugara - April 21, 2002

Science fiction is always years ahead of real science. Science fiction just doesn't count.

Springy Springtime!
by Joe Lugara - April 21, 2003

New Yorkers are lucky during winter to have as many cars, buses and pedestrians as they do to consume snowstorms in quick time. But they're also fortunate to have open spaces like Central Park and The New York Botanical Garden, where the after-effects of a snowfall are allowed to linger for a while.

True Stripes
by Joe Lugara - April 21, 2003

A good zoo exhibit isn't just improvised by luring lions and tigers through a gate with White Castle hamburgers and turning the key behind them. What makes a zoological exhibit dramatic and relevant is the recreation of the creature's natural habitat — which is exactly what the Wildlife Conservation Society is doing at the Bronx Zoo with its new attraction, Tiger Mountain.

The Jewish Children's Museum to open in Brooklyn
by Joe Lugara - March 21, 2003

Brooklyn seems to be the place reaping the richest benefits from the children's museum boom. As museums for kids become ever more expansive and sophisticated, the borough is on the brink of a pair of vanguard moves — the renovation of the Brooklyn Children's Museum into the world's first institution for young people constructed solely from renewable materials; and the brand-new Jewish Children's Museum, targeted to open in Crown Heights late this summer or early fall.

A Whale of a Renovation
by Joe Lugara - March 21, 2003

When the American Museum of Natural History's Hall of Ocean Life reopens in May after more than a year of renovation, its famous 94-foot blue whale will have gone through a little cosmetic surgery.

Taking the ‘LEAP’
by Joe Lugara - March 21, 2003

Arts Ed. Program Diversifies Student Learning

The Broadway Kids: A Stage of Their Own
by Joe Lugara - March 21, 2003

Making it on Broadway is tough enough, but surviving there is equally hard — especially for kids, who have a selfish tendency to grow (and whose voices sometimes change) during the run of a show.

On the Wings of Imagination
by Joe Lugara - March 21, 2003

On page 11 of “The Bird of Imagining”, there's a marvelously expressive pastel drawing by a kindergarten student, identified only as Klay, from the Children's Workshop School.

Words on War — For KidsDad’s Activity Book Offers Children a New View on WWII
by Joe Lugara - March 21, 2003

Richard Panchyk's book, World War II for Kids (Chicago Review Press, $14.95), has an excellent glossary, from the unfamiliar British slang term "ack-ack" to the more homey "victory garden", words that reflect what the author calls the "scope and breath" of the 20th century's principal conflict.

As Children's Museum Expands:Another First for Brooklyn!
by Joe Lugara - January 21, 2003

The notion of a children's museum may sound like a contemporary idea. But in Brooklyn in 1899, when the borough's ball club had just changed its nickname from the Bridegrooms to the Superbas (en route to finding its legacy as the Dodgers), the Brooklyn Children's Museum opened its doors in a Victorian mansion in Crown Heights, becoming the first institution of its kind in the world.

Butterflies Color AMNH Wild
by Joe Lugara - January 21, 2003

The typical visitor to the American Museum of Natural History probably imagines all its animals as either held together vertebrae-by-vertebrae with wire, or restored to lifelike stature by the taxidermist. Not so. If temperature alone is any indicator, the museum's 1,300-square-foot Butterfly Conservatory is the only spot in the venerable institution, other than its research labs, where life is not just living, but growing and thriving.

Our Intimate Skies
by Joe Lugara - January 21, 2003

The most extraordinary of all artificial environments in New York — The Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History — has slightly reclined seats to encourage stargazing, but its visitors are still required to boost their chins a little on their own.

The ‘Guess Who’ Grandpa
by Joe Lugara - January 21, 2003

For professional writers, any surface that holds writing is meaningful, even if it's the back of a postcard. The mundane communiqué, the kind that says, "Weather is fine, wish you were here", just isn't allowed to happen. Upper West Sider Howard Eisenberg is a professional writer. When filling out postcards to his grandchildren while traveling some years ago, he opted for a challenge.

Queens Takes the ‘LEAP’
by Joe Lugara - December 21, 2002

Ila Lane Gross and Alice Krieger are New Yorkers, friends, educators, and fellow artists who recognize a simple fact: Creativity is central to the learning process. They also understand that if artists and art educators don't promote arts-in-education, it's a certainty that no one else ever will.

Nothing Miscommunicated About Ben
by Joe Lugara - November 21, 2002

There are probably as many un-produced plays sitting in desk drawers in New York City as there are un-produced screenplays floating around Los Angeles. Entire lifetimes are spent hustling to get dialogue into the mouths of Broadway actors. Ben Gottlieb won't ever know the disappointment of being an un-produced New York playwright.

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