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Renee Cho
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Dr. Primason holds a monthly parents’ meeting at Java Babies in Hastings-on-Hudson where a topical subject and Choice Parenting techniques are discussed. Usually held the first Monday of the month, the free meetings are open to all. To learn more about Choice Psychology or the parenting meetings, call (914) 478-2146 or visit www.choicepsychology.com.

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The Melting Pot Metaphor
by Renee Cho - April 21, 2001

Today, multiculturalism is widespread in the United States. There are mixed marriages, multiracial kids of all kinds, and adoptees from all over the world. It turns out that the classic warning parents used to give a wayward son or daughter who contemplated marrying out of her race or religion - to "think about the children" - was not necessary.

Is my child lazy...Or is it 'Output Failure'?Noted pediatrician offers a new kind of diagnosis
by Renee Cho - April 21, 2003

Your child is lounging the entire length of the sofa, eyes glued to a seemingly mindless TV program. The weekend homework assignment hasn’t even been started, and he had promised to begin cleaning up his room. How lazy can a kid get? Add a new catch-phrase to the 21st-century dictionary — output failure.

Parents are the Problem
by Renee Cho - March 21, 2003

This month Westchester Parent takes a look at some of the most effective strategies local communities and parents are using to combat underage drinking. At any of the community forums where teen drinking is the topic, it is often mentioned that the parents who are not in attendance are part of the problem. It may be that they are not there because they do not view underage drinking in the same light as others at the meeting.

THE TWO BIOLOGICAL CLOCKSDoes time run out at 40 … or can you keep on trying?
by Renee Cho - March 21, 2003

When Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s book, Creating a Life: Professional Women and the Quest for Children, was published last year, it caused a furor.

ATTACHMENT PARENTING: Right for some, not for others
by Renee Cho - December 21, 2002

Ten years ago, few parents had heard the term Attachment Parenting. Today, it is gaining attention and attracting growing numbers of proponents, but with this rising awareness is increased controversy about some of its policies.

Uncalculated Risks
by Renee Cho - November 21, 2002

Recently, local newspaper front pages have been emblazoned with stories about teenage drinking. In Harrison, nine football players got drunk at a party and were temporarily suspended from the team. At the Scarsdale Homecoming dance, over 200 teens were caught drinking, and five had to be rushed to the hospital.

by Renee Cho - August 21, 2002

READING, ‘RITING, AND KISchools Stock KI Pills — Just in Case
by Renee Cho - September 21, 2002

Returning to school signals excitement and anticipation of starting a next grade. But back-to-school this year may be fraught with a new level of anxiety — because of proximity to Indian Point and the increased fear of terrorist attacks, many schools in our area are stocking potassium iodide (KI) pills

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