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RECALLS: Rattles, board books; plus three new safety standards
by CG News Desk - December 21, 2001

Summer Cultural Guide Resources for fun & learning over the summer months
by CG News Desk - May 21, 1999

Whether the kids are home for the whole summer or just a few weeks, there's always something to do and someplace to go. Following is a collection of activities, workshops, and entertainment for a range of ages and interests. They make the city a pretty tempting option for summertime diversions!

CMOM Grows
by CG News Desk - May 21, 1999

The Children's Museum of Manhattan has expanded up, down and sideways.

by CG News Desk - January 21, 1995

To help parents with various parenting/child care issues, we asked the following experts in their fields to help Big Apple parents...

Sounds of the Season: Caroling
by CG News Desk - January 21, 1995

Abigail Adams Smith Museum, 421 East 61st Street, (between First and York Avenue), (212) 838-6878, recalls the 1830s when the house was the Mount Vernon hotel, a country escape. In December, the house is decorated for the holidays, and on a couple of evenings, it's candlelit with musicians playing carols and traditional melodies on period instruments. Refreshments are served. Tickets required.

Care packages made easy
by CG News Desk - January 21, 1995

You've chosen the sleepaway camp, bought the clothes, arranged the hotel for visiting day ? now, you need to send a care package. The Wrinkled Egg makes it easy.

by CG News Desk - January 21, 1995

New York State law requires school bus operators to present their vehicles for DOT inspection every six months. According to Robbie Persaud, Intermodel Transportation Specialist One with NYS DOT, a bus earns either an inspection sticker or an "Out of Service" sticker. An inspection sticker, however, does not indicate that the bus is in perfect condition.

Breastfeeding is No Crime
by CG News Desk - May 21, 1999

Tabitha Walrond, a 19-year-old mother from the Bronx, is living one nightmare after another. The story that will be heard in court is that after her newborn son, Tyler, was repeatedly denied medical care, he died in her arms of malnutrition at seven weeks. Now, she's being prosecuted for manslaughter and, if convicted, could serve 15 years in prison for her son's death.

Breastfeeding is No Crime
by CG News Desk - May 21, 1999

Book review
by CG News Desk - January 21, 1995

Is there life without Ritalin? With more and more children being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, there's an alternative movement afoot.

Rita Kirsch Debroitner's ADD book
by CG News Desk - January 21, 1995

Get more information about learning problems from the Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities.

When boarding school is right for you...
by CG News Desk - October 21, 1996

Boarding school may be in your child's future, but how do you know which one will suit her ? and you ? best?

Bike Paths Made Easy
by CG News Desk - October 21, 2000

Crisp fall air, the leaves showing their boldest colors Ñ a perfect day for a family outing on bicycles! Now, where was that trail your friend told you about? Briarcliff, was it? Or was it Valhalla? And didnÕt someone mention Somers? Where does it start? Where does it end? And what do you do with the car once you find it? RENEE CHO provides the navigational logistics É

Surrogate Siblings Wanted!
by CG News Desk - May 21, 1999

Do you want to help make a difference in a young person's life? Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City is looking for mature and responsible volunteers who can become a friend and can provide guidance to children in need of a positive role model.

Our reviewers' best picks for '98
by CG News Desk - January 21, 1995

Books, toys, TV, software, and Outings

Basketball, Anyone?
by CG News Desk - January 21, 1995

Basketball enthusiasts of all ages have a new destination in town. Basketball City, overlooking the Hudson on Pier 63 at West 23rd Street, is fully equipped with six full-sized basketball courts with hardwood floors, glass backboards and electronic scoreboards.

Unearthing the Secrets of Infant-Speak
by CG News Desk - January 21, 1995

The concept of how babies learn to speak is an elusive and mysterious one, even for scientists who yearn to understand how young children are able to master the complexities of language - a difficult enough task for the adult brain and the most powerful computers.

Beware of Baby's Bottle Syndrome
by CG News Desk - January 21, 1995

We've all been there. You're tired, the older kids need help with their homework, and the baby is screaming. It's his bedtime and he really needs to go to sleep, but you don't have time to put him down properly. Quickly, you get him in pajamas, kiss him good night, put him in his crib, and shut the door. Mercifully, he's quiet and you can get back to more pressing matters. What magic trick calmed him down? You put him in with his favorite nightcap - a bottle of milk.

Recalls - bike helmets, Sky Dancers, toys in cereals
by CG News Desk - August 21, 2000

When your child bleeds excessivelyBarbra Williams Cosentino, R.N., C.S.W. reports onVon Willebrand Disease —A Little Known Bleeding Disorder
by CG News Desk - August 21, 2002

Less well known, but more than 100 times more prevalent than hemophilia, von Willebrand disease (VWD) is the most commonly inherited bleeding disorder, affecting 1 to 2 percent of the population — or approximately 3 million people in the United States.

Recalls: Radio Flyer cars, mountain bikes
by CG News Desk - August 21, 2002

Breastfeeding Awareness
by CG News Desk - August 21, 2002

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

Help at a difficult time
by CG News Desk - August 21, 2002

No event is more devastating than the loss of a baby before or shortly after birth. Now the March of Dimes is offering bereavement materials to help families cope.

Recalls - multi-use strollers, gym toys and beanbag cushions
by CG News Desk - August 21, 2001

Family Health (addition to '4 new drugs')Once-a-day pill for asthma
by CG News Desk - January 21, 1995

And now, there's a pill that can be taken just once a day ? and in children as young as six ? for the treatment of asthma.

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