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Fast Flash Cards Help Teach Reading to Kids with Down Syndrome
by NYMetroParents Staff - September 09, 2013

Teaching kids with Down syndrome how to read may not use the traditional phonics methods used widely by traditional schools. Instead, a fast flash method of going through flashcards of words and pictures at a quick speed helps kids with Down syndrome how to read.

Keeping Kids Active Can Help Boost Brain Function
by NYMetroParents Staff - September 09, 2013

With school in session, kids are apt to spend more time indoors studying and doing homework, but being physically active is an important part of overall wellness. The Children's Miracle Network Hospitals share five tips to keep kids physically active, reduce TV and computer time, and fun activities to keep the whole family active.

Ask the Expert: What is Functional Disconnection Syndrome?
by NYMetroParents Staff - September 06, 2013

Mark Goldenberg, DC, DABCN, FACFN, a board-certified chiropractic neurologist who specializes in the treatment of learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADD, and autism spectrum disorders, describes Functional Disconnection Syndrome, as well as some of its symptoms and treatments.

Back-To-School Safety Tips for Teen Drivers
by NYMetroParents Staff - September 06, 2013

Driving-Tests.org recently released a new, free Parent-Teen Safe Driving Contract to raise awareness of teenagers driving safely,as well as seven back-to-school safety tips for teen drivers.

'Eat Smart, Play Safe' Campaign Promotes Healthy Lifestyles for Kids
by NYMetroParents Staff - September 06, 2013

Pop Warner Little Scholars and DSM Nutritional Products have partnered to raise awareness of the importance of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles for active kids.

GE Educates Families to Prepare for Power Outages
by NYMetroParents Staff - September 06, 2013

GE Generator Systems is educating families about proper emergency preparedness during National Preparedness Month.

Ask the Expert: How Do I Calm My Child Who is Afraid of the Doctor?
by NYMetroParents Staff - September 05, 2013

Board-certified behavior analyst Jennifer Kourassanis-Velasquez shares expert tips to calm a child who is afraid of the doctor and prepare a scared child for a doctor's appointment.

Ask the Expert: What Is Multisensory Learning?
by NYMetroParents Staff - September 04, 2013

Learn about the multisensory approach to teaching math and other subjects -- including the Orton Gillingham Method, which is used to teach reading and spelling -- as explained by Dr. Emily Levy, founder and director of EBL Coaching.

Flu Findings: Survey Reveals Getting Flu Shot is 'Social Responsibility'
by NYMetroParents Staff - September 03, 2013

A new survey from CVS/pharmacy details findings about flu vaccinations.

Ask the Expert: How Can I Take the Best Photos of My Kids?
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 30, 2013

Snap the best candid and posed shots of your kids at home with tricks from PhotoOp NYC photographer Robert DeSantos.

2013 Fall Fairs and Festivals in New York City
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 27, 2013

We've rounded up a list of 2013 street fairs, harvest festivals, and cultural festivals happening this fall in New York City, including fun (and mostly free) city festivals in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

Behind-the-Scenes at NYMetroParents Cover Contest Photo Shoot
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 26, 2013

Introducing the finalists of our 2013 cover contest—local kids who captivated us with their energy, their unabashed cuteness, and their inner spirit. Get a peek behind the scenes at our shoot, as well as some expert tips for capturing your own kids on camera.

The Best of the Rest of the Web: Twinkling Stars, Remembering 9/11, and the Other F-Word
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 26, 2013

From the NYMetroParents September issue, a selection of thought-provoking, laugh-inducing, and just plain interesting facts and quotes from the web and the world of parenting.

Ask the Expert: How Can Parents and Children Manage Anger?
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 26, 2013

Certified peer mediation specialist David Wolffe shares tips to help parents control their anger with anger management techniques, as well as how anger manifests itself differently in young and teen boys and girls.

Ask the Expert: How Can I Help a Bully Manage Their Anger?
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 26, 2013

Is your child a bully who needs help managing their anger? Is your child bullied, and your worried about how he deals with the anger he feels because of it? Certified peer mediation specialist David Wolffe shares tips to help bullies and the bullied deal with the anger they feel in a positive manner.

Ask the Expert: What Anger Management Tools Work for Children with Special Needs?
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 23, 2013

Does your child with special needs need help managing their anger? Certified peer mediation specialist David Wolffe shares what anger management techniques help children with special needs manage and express anger in a positive way.

Back to School Safety Tips
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 22, 2013

James Stewart, adjunct professor for Kaplan University’s School of Public Service is an expert in school safety and the psychological aspects of school violence. He recommends parents follow these simple steps with their children to keep them safe and prepared throughout the school year.

Ask the Expert: How Do I Choose the Right Backpack for My Child?
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 19, 2013

Dr. Michael Cocilovo of New City Chiropractic Center offers 7 guidelines for choosing a good backpack or book bag for your child, to avoid back pain or back problems like scoliosis. Read his tips before you start your back-to-school shopping this year.

Tips and Tricks from FlatRate Moving for Do-It-Yourself Packing
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 16, 2013

Over the past 20 years, FlatRate Moving, the nationwide leader in the moving and storage industry, has compiled a list of nine tips and tricks to pack for a move, as well as tips on how to pack books, photos, fragile items, liquid containers, electronics, and more.

Ask the Expert: How Should I Handle When My Children Roughhouse Play?
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 16, 2013

We spoke to Nyack-based psychologist Steven Lee, Ph.D., about the benefits of children participating in roughhouse play, as well as how to handle roughhouse play between girls and boys and how to handle overly aggressive roughhouse play.

Quiz: Do You Know the Modern Guidelines to Pregnancy?
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 13, 2013

Based on Emily Oster's book on modern pregnancy, "Expecting Better: How To Fight The Pregnancy Establishment With Facts," a quiz to see whether you know fact from fiction when it comes to modern pregnancy guidelines.

The Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter Cookie Recipe
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 12, 2013

The Sneaky Chef Creamy No-Nut Butter is blends naturally sweet and "nutty" tasting golden peas instead of peanuts, serving as a perfect peanut butter substitute for individuals with peanut allergies. Here, a healthy cookie recipe using the Sneaky Chef's no-nut butter.

Katonah Museum of Art Welcomes New Board Members
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 12, 2013

Westchester County's Katonah Museum of Art announced in August its newest members of the board of trustees and board officers.

NYMetroParents CEO and Publisher's Letter
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 09, 2013

Social Media and Small Businesses
by NYMetroParents Staff - August 09, 2013

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