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Judy Antell
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So, You Wanna Be . . .Breaking into the kids’ market — those who’ve done it share their stories
by Judy Antell - October 21, 2004

The New York region is particularly rich with talent: musicians, writers, artists, inventors, businesspeople. Many turn this acumen to the family market, writing and illustrating children’s books, performing for children, opening stores for kids, inventing new games. The mom you meet at the playground may have written your son’s favorite bedtime story or headlined a concert at the children’s museum. You could do it, too? Other parents who have succeeded share their stories . . .

In Brooklyn,They’re Toasting Tots & Motherhood
by Judy Antell - July 21, 2004

In the new millennium, mothers in Brooklyn can have cocktails courtesy of Tots and Tonic, established at the end of 2003 by Williamsburg resident and mom Shara Frederick. Tots and Tonic, “a happy hour for new moms”, meets once a month in Williamsburg at the Lucky Cat, and recently expanded to Carroll Gardens at Sonny’s Bar & Grill.

Color ‘em Kermie!
by Judy Antell - July 21, 2004

Kermit sang ‘It’s not easy being green,” but visitors to the new exhibit, Frogs: A Chorus of Colors, at the American Museum of Natural History, can see that frogs have an amazing diversity of color. And size, habitat and parenting style. The frogs exhibit appeals to the little kid in all of us, the one who caught frogs in a pond, played leapfrog, or worshipped Kermit. Then there are adults still searching for a frog to turn into a prince.

A Touching Experience at the New York Aquarium
by Judy Antell - July 21, 2004

Kids get a new hands-on experience with a newly opened touch tank at the New York Aquarium. The outdoor tank, which features local habitats, is filled with smooth periwinkles, moon snails, blue mussels, dog and channeled whelk, sand shrimp, hermit and horseshoe crabs, northern sea robin, northern pipefish, mummichogs, Atlantic seahorses and sheepshead minnows.

A City Becomes
by Judy Antell - July 21, 2004

Anyone who thinks it’s simple getting a children’s book published would be wise to consider A City Is, which took 13 years from concept to final product, surviving even the death of the author. A City Is, illustrated by Brooklyn Heights resident Melanie Hope Greenberg, is a collection of poems by Norman Rosten.

Jazzing Up a Sunday Afternoon
by Judy Antell - May 21, 2004

In New York City, kids can go to Broadway shows, opera, classical music concerts … but until recently, they couldn’t go to a jazz club. Then Blue Smoke, a kid-friendly restaurant with a basement jazz club, Jazz Standard, started a Sunday jazz brunch.

The Sweet Sounds of Success
by Judy Antell - May 21, 2004

Back in 1992, when the Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academy (BYCA) began, it had only 48 students who rehearsed in an empty classroom at Brooklyn Friends School. Today, the group has flourished into four different choruses, with over 250 student singers. Last fall, it moved into its own building in Cobble Hill, with almost 6,000 square feet of rehearsal space and practice rooms. Although the chorus is Brooklyn-based, members come from all over the city. What makes them choose this group over another closer to home?

Bubby’s Comes to Brooklyn
by Judy Antell - April 21, 2004

Bubby’s in Tribeca has long been known as one of the city’s friendliest restaurants for kids. Now there’s Bubby’s Brooklyn, recently opened in one of Dumbo’s grandest locations; it’s a bi-level restaurant overlooking the water boasting a play area, lots of space, and, on Sunday nights, a kids-eat-free policy.

All in the (Brooklyn) Family Local Author Focuses on the Neighborhood
by Judy Antell - April 21, 2004

In each of her picture books, Nina Crews has incorporated her neighborhood, using Brooklyn locations and residents in her photo collages. Her latest community endeavor, Neighborhood Mother Goose (Greenwillow Books, $15.99), brings classic Mother Goose rhymes to Park Slope (where she lives), as well as to Fort Greene and Coney Island.

Café for the Stroller Set
by Judy Antell - April 21, 2004

Many coffee shops and casual restaurants are colonized by mothers’ groups, their babies and toddlers sometimes knocking knees with hot-beverage-toting professionals looking for Internet access. At café boo bah, in Cobble Hill, kids are the raison d’être, with indoor and outdoor playspaces and delicious, organic food (and strong coffee) for all comers.

What's Up…with Downhill?Resorts entice skiers with improvements
by Judy Antell - December 21, 2003

Each season, ski resorts cut new trails, add more high-speed lifts, and offer more restaurants and lodging. As a backup, if there’s not a lot of snow, some resorts improve their snowmaking capabilities as well. Here are some of the highlights of improvements recently made at ski resorts throughout the Northeast:

Hidden Treasure on Staten Island
by Judy Antell - December 21, 2003

In almost any city outside New York, the Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences (SIIAS) would be known and visited by everyone. But this general interest museum, which houses art, natural science and local history exhibits, soldiers on in relative obscurity.

by Judy Antell - July 21, 2003

While the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is moving forward into the 21st century, with a major expansion planned, it is also going back in time to the Cretaceous Period with its new exhibit, Dinosaurs!

Cape Cod Capers:
by Judy Antell - June 21, 2003

There is something magical about an island that cannot be reached by car, a feeling intensified when that island is as charming as Nantucket.

Mom's Business: Setting Up Playdates (with Kiddie Kards)
by Judy Antell - June 21, 2003

If you are like most parents, you take your kids to the playground with a snack, a drink, maybe some hand wipes and a Band-Aid or two. Usually, you do not carry a pen and paper; so when your toddler makes a new friend in the sandbox, you have to commit names and phone numbers to memory. Or you can hand out a Kiddie Kard.

A New Family Theatre for Park Slope
by Judy Antell - June 21, 2003

Brooklyn’s numerous family attractions include the world’s first children’s museum, a children’s history museum, beaches, a children’s zoo, New York City’s only permanent amusement park, and now, the Brooklyn Family Theatre.

Family Fun in Brooklyn
by Judy Antell - January 21, 2001

In the heart of Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts offers a yearly FamilyFun series, featuring well-known groups including Theatreworks/USA and the Big Apple Circus.

Al fresco, with small fry
by Judy Antell - January 21, 1995

With the warm weather here, kids love to eat outdoors. But sidewalk cafes are usually so crowded, the people at the next table always seem to be smoking, and buses spew fumes into your food. Kids deserve better. Following are some suggestions for the best of al fresco city dining...

'Tis the Season ...Our Annual Donation Guide
by Judy Antell - January 21, 1995

Bringing Literature to Life
by Judy Antell - December 21, 1999

Interactive musical theater is brought to a new dimension by Literally Alive. This troupe, performing "The Ugly Duckling" at the Little Theatre at the West Side Y, gives kids an opportunity to participate in the show, singing along, clapping to hatch an egg, and portraying growing seeds. In the workshop beforehand, kids make swans and other scenery, and are invited to tape their creations to the stage, making them part of the set.

Stop picking on Harry!
by Judy Antell - December 21, 1999

Whenever something becomes popular with kids, it's vilified by adults. No one brags about her son's Pokemon habit, or shows off his daughter's Britney Spears paraphernalia. So it's not surprising that 'Harry Potter' is now the center of disputes in classrooms and libraries. Except that Harry Potter is a book character and the kids who are reading about him are often shunning computer games and videos for intelligently written fiction.

PHILADELPHIA: City of Changes
by Judy Antell - June 21, 2000

If you havenŒt been to Philadelphia in a while, you may not recognize the city. The Penn¹s Landing project, currently underway, is bringing development to Philly¹s water. Along the Delaware River, a public park, amphitheater, 3-D theater, 20-screen movie theater, and an entertainment complex including the new home of Philadelphia¹s children¹s museum, the Please Touch Museum, are being built. This is all slated to open in Spring 2002, and the rest of the city is making sure it doesn¹t fall behind.

Sealing in healthy teeth
by Judy Antell - June 21, 2000

Sealants, a composite of materials, cover the pits and fissures that naturally occur in teeth, and protect teeth in the long term.

A reading rainbow gets its start in Sunnyside
by Judy Antell - December 21, 2001

Globo Libros, a new publishing house, has a unique concept - publishing an English and Spanish book, along with a CD of the book being read by its author and illustrator, making it easier for parents to introduce and reinforce another language.

What's New at the Ski Resorts
by Judy Antell - December 21, 2001

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