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Judy Antell
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A Little Help from Some Friends
by Judy Antell - December 21, 2001

If you were the type of kid who put on show for the neighborhood, you will relate to A Dolphin Up A Tree! The Tale of A Fish Out of Water. This charming show, by the Magic Bridge Theatre Company, has the ad hoc feel of a bunch of talented kids with a "Hey, let's put on a show!" mentality.

Day trips, fun for families
by Judy Antell - January 21, 1995

Looking for a day trip to suit the whole family? It's not always easy, when it seems everyone has his or her own idea of what's fun. Here are some suggestions we think have something to offer all ages, all within our extended backyard.

The 'big draw' in the Lehigh Valley
by Judy Antell - January 21, 1995

Perhaps living in the city makes kids love farms and machinery. Animals and factories naturally attract children, and, judging by the crowds at The Crayola Factory, suburban kids are also thrilled by a site dedicated to one of their favorite toys.

Some of us who own our apartments have purchased coops, others own condos and then there are those of us who are considering right now taking the plunge and buying.
by Judy Antell - January 21, 1995

The benefits and risks of Coops and Condos

Culture on college campuses - for families
by Judy Antell - January 21, 1995

It's never too early to go to college - if it's top-notch family entertainment fare you're after. Here's a rundown:

Lungs alive!
by Judy Antell - June 21, 1997

Calling all kids who love to sing! Already well-known for his work with kids through the chorus in residence at The Children's Aid Society, conductor-composer Francisco Nunez has formed three new performing choruses for children - all under the baton of The Young People's Chorus, now based at the 92nd Street Y.

Clearing up chickenpox
by Judy Antell - January 21, 1995

Parents confused about the safety and effectiveness of the chickenpox vaccine can have their concerns addressed in a new pamphlet, "The Chickenpox Vaccine: Answers to Parents' Questions".

Sharing the Goods
by Judy Antell - January 21, 1995

While many new parents are overwhelmed with shower and new baby gifts, a large contingent of our city's young families have almost nothing. Room to Grow, a new non-profit organization in East Harlem, seeks to level the playing field, offering low-income parents a vast array of developmental toys and books, as well as clothing and accessories for kids newborn to three years.

A new zoo for a new generation
by Judy Antell - January 21, 1995

Along with blockbuster art shows and the theater season, this fall has brought a major child-related opening - the newly refurbished (and renamed) Tisch Children's Zoo in Central Park. Denizens of the Bronx and Prospect Park Zoos will recognize crawl-inside turtle shells, ersatz lily pads, and the climbable spider web. But there are also many new touches here to delight young children.

Brunching with Baby
by Judy Antell - January 21, 1995

Before we had children, my friends and I would go to the most popular brunch places around the city and wait forever for a table. Even when we arrived early (say, before noon) there was always a wait - and we wondered how all those people eating had gotten there so early. Then we had kids, and a 9am brunch no longer seemed outside the realm of possibility. You can usually get a table immediately at the following places if you arrive early; come at prime brunch time (anywhere from 10am-2pm) and you may reap the consequences.

Neighborhood Arcade
by Judy Antell - October 21, 1999

Times Square has been repositioning itself for years as a family entertainment Mecca. Another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place with the opening of Broadway City, a new multi-level arcade on 42nd Street.

The Back to School List
by Judy Antell - October 21, 2000

By now, kids are back in school and their school supplies have been purchased. As the parent of two grade-schoolers, I was sent extensive lists of required supplies; this list seems to grow annually. The pencils and notebooks are to be expected, but I also had to buy paper towels, soap, tissues, baby wipes Ñ next, weÕll have to supply the water for the drinking fountains.

Times Square for Tots
by Judy Antell - August 21, 2000

When I was growing up, Times Square was a place to be avoided. Even as recently as five years ago, the area was still somewhat seedy. But it is now a family-friendly destination, particularly the stretch of 42nd Street bounded by Seventh and Eighth Avenues.

Dinos duke it out
by Judy Antell - August 21, 2000

When the famed dinosaur exhibit was renovated several years ago at the American Museum of Natural History, you could barely see the dinos, so crowded was the area. But with the splashy new Rose Center for Earth and Space and Hayden Planetarium stealing most of its thunder and crush of humanity, Fighting Dinosaurs: New Discoveries from Mongolia has quietly crept into the museum.

Get out of town!
by Judy Antell - August 21, 2000

While many families start their vacations stuck in cars or at crowded airports, a few savvy New Yorkers take advantage of lesser-known getaway options. One of the most relaxing ways to leave the city is on a NY Waterway cruise, particularly if you check out the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the West Side Highway as you begin your journey up the Hudson.

Boston — When Skies are Blue
by Judy Antell - August 21, 2002

On our recent trip to Boston, we prayed for rain. No, the city is not besieged by a drought, but there are so many fabulous indoor activities, we hoped for some bad weather to force us inside. Mother Nature didn’t quite cooperate, so we settled for a mix of museums and outdoor attractions.

White and Green . . . Mountains, that is
by Judy Antell - August 21, 2001

Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire may not be among the most accessible places, requiring long drives from New York, but this remoteness can make it even more appealing; people who vacation here really want to be there, and they are not as crowded. Ski areas have recognized their four-season appeal; the mountains that inspire fear in winter offer gorgeous vistas in summer, incredible fall foliage, spring skiing, and lower prices when it isn't ski season.

Refreshing Rhode Island
by Judy Antell - August 21, 2001

With new area codes popping up all over New York, Rhode Island offers a refreshing change; the entire state still has just one area code. Yet, it has the family-friendly tourist attractions of a much larger state.

Magical Maine
by Judy Antell - August 21, 2001

While I don't usually make shopping the highlight of a vacation, Freeport, Maine, is an undeniable draw, with factory outlets and the original L.L. Bean store, open 'round the clock. But you can hide the true purpose of your trip by including the many attractions surrounding the Freeport area, from the charming city of Portland, just 15 minutes to the south, and Boothbay Harbor, 45 minutes north.

Connecticut fun on the water and more
by Judy Antell - August 21, 2001

If you've ever driven from New York to Boston along I-95, you've noticed brown signs delineating tourist attractions along the way. There are so many such signs in Connecticut that it is impossible to do them justice in just one long weekend. So my family has returned again and again to the area dubbed COASTAL CONNECTICUT.

Connecticut fun on the water and more
by Judy Antell - August 21, 2001

Cape Cod capers
by Judy Antell - August 21, 2001

You can travel to Cape Cod many ways, from driving to flying on Cape Air via Boston or Providence (there was even a TV sitcom about an upstart Cape Cod airline) but, barring sea-sickness, my favorite way to travel to the Cape is by boat. The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce even publishes a "Car-free Way to and around Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket", outlining all the options.

Bolt up to Bean Town
by Judy Antell - August 21, 2001

Visiting Boston was a by-product of trying out the Acela train, Amtrak's new, high-speed train that promises a New York to Boston ride in under 3 1/2 hours. Though the train is still not even close to matching Japan's bullet trains, or France's TGVs, it is quite cool looking, and allows the weekend visitor to bypass the dreaded I-95 parking lot or crowded shuttle plane.

Let it Snow!
by Judy Antell - January 21, 1995

Ski season starts next month, and many resorts which specialize in family-friendly skiing and snowboarding have upgraded their facilities and added new programs. We'll keep you updated throughout the season:

Indoor fun and games
by Judy Antell - April 21, 2000

Fun Time USA, designed for family entertainment, is an indoor amusement park best suited to children over five, who can handle the sensory overload, loud music, flashing lights and crush of humanity.

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