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Judy Antell
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Double Bill at The Jewish Museum
by Judy Antell - December 05, 2007

The Jewish Museum has two great new exhibits for families: From "The New Yorker to Shrek: The Art of William Steig", and "Archeology Zone: Discovering Treasures from Playgrounds to Palaces."

Things That Go Bump in the Closet: A Maternity Boutique
by Judy Antell - December 04, 2007

The two Park Slope moms who have created a stylish maternity boutique, Bump Brooklyn, embrace the motto: “Give up wine, coffee and sushi — not fashion.”

All The Answers Fit To Print: A Book of Baffling Questions
by Judy Antell - December 04, 2007

A well-received article in the Times expanded into a book, and the result is "Father Knows Less, or 'Can I Cook my Sister?' One Dad’s Quest to Answer His Son’s Most Baffling Questions."

Where to: Find the Best Shops for Hot Chocolate and Tea in Manhattan and Brooklyn!
by Judy Antell - December 01, 2007

Top off a special family outing with a festive afternoon tea or scrumptious hot chocolate at these spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

A Parent’s Guide to the NYC Holiday Shows
by Judy Antell - December 01, 2007

Everything you need to know for a festive day out on the town during the holidays!

Festive Kids' Fashion!
by Judy Antell - December 01, 2007

Kids’ clothing manufacturers give us an update on holiday and winter kids’ collections.

Top 10 Toys of the Year: Editor's Picks
by Judy Antell - December 01, 2007

See what children's toys made the Top 10 for this holiday season!

Family Skiing In Southern Vermont
by Judy Antell - November 12, 2007

If you're looking to combine excellent skiing with charm, Mount Snow is the ticket.

New & Noteworthy: November's 'It' Products
by Judy Antell - November 12, 2007

Find new and trendy products for parents and kids this month!

Smooth Cruisin' : A Family Vacation Aboard a Disney Cruise
by Judy Antell - November 09, 2007

The beauty of a Disney cruise is that once you step on board, Disney’s magic staff handles everything for you.

Florida, 3 Ways: Luxury, Moderate and Budget Vacations
by Judy Antell - November 09, 2007

Find great places to go in the Florida in your price range.

Caribbean, 3 Ways: Luxury, Moderate & Budget Vacations
by Judy Antell - November 08, 2007

Find great places to go in the Caribbean in your price range.

Follow The Snow : A Skier's Guide
by Judy Antell - November 28, 2007

Eastern skiers delight in the mere dusting of flakes, and are willing to accept manufactured snow because of the ease of getting in the car.

Parent Paradise at Punta Cana
by Judy Antell - November 08, 2007

There is a universal look of contentment on the faces of parents at Club Med in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. First-timers add a slightly stunned undertone - they are on vacation, with their kids, and having a great time.

Singing with Sukey : Movement Classes for Children
by Judy Antell - November 06, 2007

As a former professional dancer, Sukey Molloy's aim was to create classes where kids would find joy in movement. By setting up different gymnastics equipment and observing her son, she began PlayMove&Sing, which promotes movement and encourages sensory learning.

Reliant on Technology
by Judy Antell - November 01, 2007

We used to get ready for car trips by packing snack bags of Cheerios and raisins, and by bringing along lots of board books and stuffed animals. Now we rush around charging various appliances and looking for the E-Z Pass.

Family Food Play
by Judy Antell - November 01, 2007

If you would vote for Martha Stewart for President and you devour Bon Appetit, you're probably also thinking about making braised lamb shanks or individual pots de creme for a weeknight family dinner. But the reality for most parents is that dinner is whatever is closest to the front of the fridge.

Tribeca Sweet
by Judy Antell - November 01, 2007

Tribeca mom Rachel Thebault has gone from banker to baker, opening Tribeca Treats in her adopted downtown neighborhood.

The Cheese Stands Alone
by Judy Antell - October 11, 2007

The farmer in the dell may have disparaged cheese, but Vermont cheese makers are banding together in a “Cheese Trail” that can be the focus of a fun, if fattening, family trip. Farm animals and cheese, two of my daughter’s favorites, make for a great weekend in Southern Vermont.

Mets Go Citi
by Judy Antell - October 10, 2007

This is the last month of the season for the New York Mets, but forward-thinking fans are already planning trips to the stadium in 2009, to the new Citi Field.

Take Your Child To Camp
by Judy Antell - October 09, 2007

My husband and I feel we have done well, raising a child who shares our sense of humor. So Hallie, now 16, was the perfect companion for Xanadu: the Musical.

Cooking for three or four or five?
by Judy Antell - October 01, 2007

When you're home from the hospital with a new baby, priorities change. Sleepless nights throw meal planning off-kilter, and once-simple meal preparations can become a chore.

New Kids on the Block
by Judy Antell - October 01, 2007

This month's newest businesses and products for parents...

Rocky Mountain Highs
by Judy Antell - September 26, 2007

Denver has the perfect blend of culture and the outdoors, in a setting that promises sunny days and moderate climate. I had this, and more — a huge thunderstorm with nearby lightning strikes — on a trip in July with my adventure-seeking 14-year-old, Sela.

Kidville Hits The Slope
by Judy Antell - September 19, 2007

Kidville, which has been entertaining and educating the infant to 5-year-old crowd on the Upper East and West Sides, launches September 10 in Park Slope.

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