Art Workshop: Putting Yourself in Someone Else�s Shoes - Children's Museum of the Arts

Date: 01/12/12
Hours: 2-6pm
Ages: TW
Price: Museum admission: $10; free seniors and infants
103 Charlton St. - 212-274-0986
SoHo, NY 10014

Description: Street artist Tranqui Yanqui (Spanish for "Chill American") is well known for his colorful art works and vibrant wearable art that merge American popular culture, Latin icons, and the tropical symbols of his native Miami. Join Yanqui for a workshop in which you'll choose someone else that you know, or someone you would like to know better, and try to see the world through their eyes. Participants will make a pair of shoes and glasses out of found materials and observe the differences and similarities we all share through these chosen characters.