Meany USA Presents – Mahavatar, pILLOW tHEORY, The Dead Exs, The Gypsy West, Frank Enea Band, and Ryan Vosler - Highline Ballroom

Date: 01/03/12
Ages: All
431 W. 16th St. - 212-414-5994

Description: Meany USA presents a night of performances by outstanding NYC artists, featuring: Mahavatar, an alternative metal band that boasts a leading female lineup and is known for its singular ability to deliver tense and anguished themes, pulled by tumultuous guitars and ponderous rock features. The band has received radio play in the UK, Canada, Australia, Norway, and the US. pILLOW tHEORY, a NYC quartet who delivers a high-powered dynamic sound while successfully genre-hopping under the modern rock umbrella of metal, punk, pop, and free jazz. The band's latest EP Meltdown dropped in the summer of 2011. The Dead Exs, a band who in just a year has been voted NYC Artist of the Month by The Deli Magazine, has been licensed by Quiksilver, and released its debut album Resurrection. The track "More Stuff" from the album has already enjoyed significant airplay and charted in the Top 5 on Twitter. Gypsy West, a Brooklyn-based power trio blending progressive precision and unpredictability with psychedelic overtones, anarchistic concepts, and great songwriting. The band recently released its second record Accomplices (2009), which has been labeled by critics as "stunning," "inspiring," and "powerful." Frank Enea Band, an outfit led by a singer-songwriter whose music the New York Times has described as having "eyes on the world." In 2010, the band released Morning Show, whose tracks have been heard on The Bachelor, Showtime, Fox, and The Discovery Channel, as well as on radio stations across the country. Ryan Vosler, a Jagermeister-sponsored artist whose song "Memories" was featured on the TV show One Tree Hill. He is a frequent collaborator with Frank Enea, who is producing Vosler's forthcoming debut EP.