Artist Vinnie Bagwell & African-American Storytelling - Hudson River Museum & Planetarium

Date: 02/05/12
Hours: 2pm
Ages: YE,TW,AD
Price: Admission: $5; $3 seniors/children
511 Warburton Avenue - 914-963-4550
Yonkers, NY 10101

Description: Vinnie Bagwell, artist who sculpted The Enslaved Africans' Rain Garden, will speak about the sculptures installed in the Hudson Room at the Hudson River Museum. Visitors will be engaged by the storytelling of Ty Gray-EL, author of "Breath of My Ancestors/Reflections from the Conscience of an African in America" after the artist's presentation. This program will be presented to the audience among the relief, sculpture, and imagery created by the artist, and participants will have the opportunity to explore the story and history of the installation.