Times Square International Theater Festival Presents 'Alita the Show' by Freia Canals and Denise Kornitz - Theatre 500

Date: 01/18/12 through 01/22/12
Ages: Geared towards ages 3-10
Price: Adults $18; Kids $12.
300 West 43rd Street, 5th floor - 212-924-0496
New York, NY 10036

Description: For children ages three to ten, Denise Komitz (Buenos Aires) and Freia Canals (Barcelona) perform a bilingual (English-Spanish) play with hand-made handpuppets. Once upon a time, there was a princess who decided to leave behind all she ever knew. Alita the Princess embarks on a very special, magical journey in which she faces an unknown but exciting future. The journey takes Alita to meet different characters who show her the true meaning of love and friendship. She will learns the importance of the little things around us that we might have taken for granted. A story for kids of all ages, a way to self-discovery, and a path full of excitement and surprises.