WFUV Presents Diego Garcia, Emily Greene, Monica Lionheart - Highline Ballroom

Date: 01/28/12
Ages: All
431 W. 16th St. - 212-414-5994

Description: Born in Detroit to Argentine parents in the late 1970s, Diego Garcia immersed himself in the sounds of Iggy Pop and MC5 at an early age. Music carried him throughout childhood until his cardiologist father moved the family back to Tampa, FL, when Garcia was a young teenager. By age 14, Garcia got himself an acoustic guitar and started writing songs. As he approached college life at Brown University in 1996, music was still calling him despite his course load in economics. During his junior year, he realized he wanted a career in music instead. He left for New York City upon his 2000 graduation and began to look for musicians, eventually playing with the band Circus for a brief time. A year later, he formed Elefant with bassist Jeff Berrall, guitarist Mod, and drummer Kevin McAdams. Since the band broke up in June 2010, Garcia has embarked on a solo career. His music fuses the sounds of visionaries like David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, and Bryan Ferry with the romanticism of troubadours like Roberto Carlos and Julio Iglesias. With lush string arrangements, delicate Spanish guitars, and a distinctly Latin flavor, the sound is worlds apart from Elefant. What remains constant, however, is the romantic within. This fresh sound and ubiquitous romanticism are on full display on Garcia's solo debut Laura, released earlier this year. The first single from the album, "You Were Never There," has caught ears across the country and has been featured as both the iTunes "Single of the Week" and the Starbucks "Pick of the Week." About the single, RCRD LBL declared: "'You Were Never There' is today's aural aphrodisiac - a gentle flush of guitars and strings, yelping hooks, and love-worn lyrics." Since its release, Laura has shot up the charts, becoming one of the top 15 Alternative albums on iTunes - a harbinger of the great music to come from this talented artist.