Wall Street Dialogues - Trinity Church

Date: 02/01/12
Hours: 1:05-1:55PM
Price: Free
Broadway at Wall Street - 2126020800
New York, New York 10006

Description: Pundits from liberal to conservative host conversations on the moral and ethical dilemmas pushed to the forefront by the Occupy Wall Street movement in Wall Street Dialogues on Wednesdays from January 11 - February 8 at 1 PM at Trinity Church in lower Manhattan. Each week, a new speaker will challenge the audience with provocative questions such as “Would Jesus pay taxes?” and “What are the moral values of capitalism?” Talks will be webcast live at www.trinitywallstreet.org with opportunities for online viewer participation. For the complete schedule, click here. On February 1, Ben Roberts of Occupy Café.org, asks the question “What does it feel like to ‘have enough’?” as he discusses “Occupy as a Leap of Faith.” Wall Street Dialogues are presented by Trinity Institute (TI), a continuing education program founded in 1967 as an outreach of Trinity Wall Street, an Episcopal parish. Recent conferences include God’s Unfinished Future; Religion and Violence: An Interfaith Dialogue; Radical Abundance: A Theology of Sustainability; and Building an Ethical Economy: Theology and the Marketplace.