The Seeing Lab - Actors Theater

Date: 02/07/12
Ages: 13 +
Price: $60
145 West 28th St. 3rd Fl - 917 319 4354
New York, NY 10001

Description: The Seeing Lab is a 3-hour course to learn how to detect and read micro-expressions- small contractions of the facial muscles that last only tenths of a second, but give a window into what someone is feeling. Did you ever talk with someone & get the feeling that there's something more they want to say? Maybe they said they were happy, but you noticed a hint of sadness. Or maybe they said were mad, and you noticed a hint of happiness. In this course we'll use imaging software, the same kind used for training detectives and members of secret services, to do a pretest of your people-reading abilities. Later, your post-test scores will show you how much you've learned.