Honey and Honey Bees - Alley Pond Environmental Center

Date: 03/25/12
Hours: 11am
Ages: TW,TE,AD
Price: $8
228-06 Northern Blvd. - 718-229-4000
Douglaston, NY 11362

Description: Join Alley Pond Environmental Center on Sunday, March 25 at 11am to learn about one of the most familiar insects in the world – the Honeybee! This member of the insect world plays a key role in the human and natural world. The human fascination with this insect began thousands of years ago when people discovered what wonderfully tasty stuff honey is. Come and learn what is happening to bees in today's world. What can you do to help? Learn the life cycle of a honeybee, how a honey harvested from a hive, and more. Call 718-229-4000 to register.